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  1. That's fair. Like I said, it's a matter of a quick relaunch of EoF, so if it didn't have a plausible fix, then it's no big deal. Thanks for the insight :D
  2. It's not a super important fix, given how quickly EoF can be closed and re-launched, but I don't suppose there's a fix for all audio disappearing after changing audio devices, e.g. going from headphones to speakers? Also, I did not look through to see if this had been posted about already, so I apologize if this is a repeat thread.
  3. Happy Birthday Hornet871!

  4. Hi all, I'm not sure if I'm in the right section of the forum, if so, I apologize. So, I noticed tonight that one of my custom tones doesn't quite sound the same way in the song as it does in the tone designer. I've loaded the song into the toolkit, checked the tone settings, everything looks fine comparing between here and the T.D.. But once I get to playing it in the song, it just sounds flat. Has anyone else experienced something like this, or might anyone have an idea for a solution? Thanks
  5. I suppose a two-week-silent topic might mean there's no proper solution <_< Worth a shot
  6. I wasn't sure where to post this, nor could I find any topic similar, but has anyone figured out a workaround for USB headsets? I use Voicemeeter for sharing Oculus audio to the TV, but that has the same result as setting my output to the headset directly.
  7. The "Piano Roll" input did it. I was unaware that "Classic" involved input by the 1-6 keys, so I assumed classic was what I had always been using.
  8. Sorry to revive an old topic, but I seem to be having the same issue again, and after following both suggested steps, I'm stumped. I just started a new project and already, I can't add notes to it. I've got the input method set to classic and my grid snap is set for 1/12. My preferences are indicated here. I'm wondering if a fresh install would settle this issue.
  9. Happy Birthday Hornet871!

  10. Hi all, I'm having trouble adding new notes to my charts, whether they're newly made, editing old projects, or modifying an imported .gp5 file. Can this be caused by any of my settings or preferences? Thanks!
  11. Forgive my ignorance, I did not realize there was an updated version of the toolkit on the site
  12. I was repacking a song which goes by two names (Coheed and Cambria: The Final Cut/The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut) and I was surprised to see that I couldn't add the colon to the song title after the numerals. Every time I try, the TK auto-deletes it. This surprises me only because colons and similar punctuation are not unheard of in Rocksmith (Between the Buried and Me -- Selkies: the Endless Obsession). Is this something that was overlooked, or did the punctuation cause issues with the creation of the files at some point? What's the story?
  13. Is there a changelog that we can keep track of to see what's being changed each month? EDIT: Scratch that, didn't surf through the forum enough
  14. That's just it. When I close EoF, I get no prompt to save changes, and no errors other than fret hand position errors, which are unnecessary, as the positions have always worked just fine on the current version of the CDLC. However, dragging the first beat measure seems to have done the trick just fine as opposed to using the function.
  15. I've been updating one of my customs, and all has seemed to go well, up until I save, close EoF, and reopen/reload the notes file. All of my changes are undone, the beat offset is back where it was prior to saving, and my effort ends up being for naught. Any explanation/purpose for this?
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