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  1. Nothingtown is pretty much done, just gotta fix the lyrics and I think it's ready.

  2. The latest hotfix (5/3/16) breaks my EOF, after doing a fresh install of 1.8RC11, putting the .exe and the .dll into the folder breaks it and it won't launch, I've moved over just the .dll file and it still works so it seems the .exe is broken.
  3. I installed 1.8RC11, however when I install the latest hotfix, it breaks it and when I try to launch it does nothing. No idea what to do about it. It's the .exe that makes the problem, moving over just the .dll file, EOF will still launch.
  4. Ah! That is probably the problem, I forgot on the site that it's RC10 and on the fourms here it's RC11, should probably fix that, I shall open it with RC11 and the hot fix and see if it works, the toolkit is also up to date. I shall get back to you!
  5. I'm a little upset, I was just about to finish my song up and after I made a few tweaks and tested it in game, it started to show all the chords separately as seen in the images. However in EOF, I changed nothing about the notes. Does anyone know why this happened or how to fix this and display them as they usually are, I've never had this problem before. Also I am using EOF version 1.8RC10 (r1337) with no hotfix. (The hotfix brakes my EOF and it wont launch) Any help would be great. http://i.imgur.com/x3mbt9T.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eFG48Dj.png http://i.imgur.com/tec7gQf.png
  6. Slowly finishing up Nothingtown, hopefully I can finish it today.

  7. I never use the leading silence tool in EOF, just do it in Audacity, much simpler, no real reason not to I find.
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