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  1. Beat map is synced, it's not just timing changes, i'll upload a video later to better explain.
  2. Hey Guys, I am trying to do the song Pagan's Mind - Back To The Magic Of Childhood Exploring Life Part 2 which is a 9'17 song the tab I have is 9'14 which of course is fine. The problem is when I import the tab into EOF the notes go well past the song onto 12'15 in length and have major issues matching anything up. It seems about half way through a lot of the notes have spread very far apart which is not how it should be. Going over the tab in GP6 it all looks and sounds fine, so is there a problem with EOF or something I am not seeing in the tab? It's very strange, been at this for several hours now. I see someone has done part one, perhaps they didn't do part two for this very reason. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I managed to fix it, deleted the song creator toolkit and downloaded fresh copy and now when I import the arrangement it detects the tuning. Thanks for your help. :)
  4. About 90% of the CDLC I have made just puts the tuning as E Standard in Song Creator without any process, this has caused issues where it should be in E Flat. I do not get any pop up asking for tuning. What confuses me is the toolkit says E Standard on import but in GP6 the tuning section is BEADGBE and the same on the tab. Could someone please help me figure out the tuning? Here is the song. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/r/raintime/tears_of_sorrow_guitar_pro.htm Also Firekorn the streamer on Twitch? :) Thanks.
  5. Hey Guys, Having few issues with tuning, I am not a guitarist so have no clue about tunings really. I have a song with the tuning: BEADGBE to my understanding this is B Standard? How do I add this into the toolkit? When I open an arrangement and click the drop down, this tuning is not available. I see you can create or modify your own but I don't understand how to use this function to create the correct tuning. Also is there an actual way to find out what the tuning of a song is in Guitar Pro 6? It's not always clear to me and could really do with some help on this part of CDLC as it is the most frustrating for me right now. Thanks.
  6. I did not know you could copy paste notes from EOF, that has worked great, thank you! Still a lot of work to do, though. :)
  7. @@albatross213 Thanks for the swift feedback, I am using Guitar Pro 6. I have managed to merge the two songs together into one file by copying and pasting each guitar track. Imported into EOF and now just having to sort the timing, the intro is half the speed of the main song so some tempo adjustment is required.
  8. Hey Guys, I have a song with an intro which leads into the main song but these are two separate Guitar Pro files, is there any way to import these into Editor On Fire without overwriting each other? The obvious answer seems to just merge them into one Guitar Pro file and then import. Thanks.
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