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Found 20 results

  1. i launch cfsm in admin it sends me to the setting then comes up wiht an error this is what it tells me [2021/04/28 01:20:10]: ==== This is the start of a new CFSM run log ===== [2021/04/28 01:20:10]: Found Custom RS2014 Installation Directory ... [2021/04/28 01:20:23]: Validated RS2014 Installation Directory: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014 [2021/04/28 01:20:23]: <WARNING> 'Validate D3DX9_42.dll' checkbox is disabled ... [2021/04/28 01:20:23]: <WARNING> 'Auto Quarantine' is disabled ... [2021/04/28 01:20:23]: DownloadVersionInfo Web
  2. Rocksmith Tools Launcher is compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and below ... STOP - DO NOT UPGRADE to macOS 10.15 (Catalina), yet - looking for compatibility testers ... There's a new application for Mac users named Rocksmith Tools Launcher. The application includes and launches the Mac Wineskin ported versions of: CustomsForge Song Manager (CFSM) Custom Song Creator for Rocksmith (Rocksmith Toolkit), aka 'the toolkit' Custom Game Toolkit (CGT) You can download RocksmithTools.dmg here. Or Here. After the download completes, dou
  3. Hi ! I've an issue with CFSM w.5.8.1. Indeed, it works for Songmanager but when i going to arrangement analyzer and duplicate, it says : [2020/08/06 18:56:01]: Saved File: dgvSongsMaster.xml[2020/08/06 18:56:01]: Song Manager GUI Deactivated ...[2020/08/06 18:56:01]: Populating Renamer GUI ...[2020/08/06 18:56:01]: Loaded renamer_properties.json template ...[2020/08/06 18:56:06]: Populating SetlistManager GUI ...[2020/08/06 18:56:06]: Loaded File: appSettings.xml[2020/08/06 18:56:06]: Saved File: dgvSetlistMaster.xml[2020/08/06 18:56:06]: <ERROR> Application.ThreadExceptionSource: C
  4. Hi, I've just got a new Windows 10 laptop and have tried migrating my Rocksmith files from my old Windows 7 laptop. Initially I copied the DLC file and CFSM files that live under the Rocksmith 2014 folder. Doing this, I could see all songs - CustomsForge official songs plus CDLC. The official songs seem to all work fine, however when I 'play' CDLC, I get past the tuning stage, but the screen then doesn't produce the song - I'm just in the setting with the amps and can play the guitar (so the game isn't frozen) but nothing happens with the song. I thought that maybe I needed to downlo
  5. HI guys: Recently I realized that in CFSM folder (Mac) there's a subfolder called "original" full of what appear to be copies of cdlcs (I'm not really an expert). The problem is that there are 6GB worth of files there, and I need space in my computer. Can I just delete them? What are they for anyway? Thanks for your help
  6. I am able to enable/disable songs from both base packages (RS 2014 and RS1) and also RS 2014 ODLC without trouble. When I try to disable one or more RS1 ODLC in CFSM the log shows an error line related to the rs1combatibilitydlc.psarc file, this file becomes quarantined, and none of the RS1 DLC appear in the RS2014.game. I don't know if this is related or not, but any RS1 ODLC removed by using the manager on the steam web site is removed from the RS1 game but not from RS 2014.,
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if someone has the same problem as me. I have Rocksmith 2014 original on steam, with Cherub Rock DLC and the last dll (as the guide indicate). To avoid any problem, I always run everything as an administrator (steam, rocksmith, CFSM). However, many songs do not appear within the game. For starters, none of the RS1 songs works (they don't appear in game). Some songs, like "Creep - Radioheadsong" (song pack 9) appear with a small padlock, and when I click on them, they send me to the store (although I have the psarc file in the dlc folder). To solve these inconsiste
  8. I've had to reinstall CFSM multiple times now. After a few times of launching it, rather than launch the manager, it launches the Setup instead and asks if I want to perform a clean install. Why does it keep doing this?
  9. OK, I could just be an idiot, but I cannot get this to work on my Windows 10 pc. I get it downloaded and installed, but I can't figure out to do what's next. It's something about accessing the dlc, but I have no idea how to make that work. Thanks for any help!
  10. i not sure how I missed when this came out, but wanted to give a shout out to the Cf song manager in case there are others like me... Simple download for free in the tools section above.... Fixes the 100% glitch that happens to lots of songs you download. i have 1600 songs in my collection... 900 of them had this glitch. You can sellect all songs in your collection and it will fix only the ones that need fixing and skip the rest. Took about 3 hours for my 1600 songs to be fixed. so now it will give you the acurrate percent played instead of just rolling to 100%.... It also can add DD
  11. Hi, I am so pleased with the CFSM tool and it's updates than now fix tones issues that last year the CFSM classified as corrupt and no longer do! Near the end of Remastering my 3000+ CDLC suddenly CFSM (latest beta version) died on my PC. It seems to kill the batch remastering process when it encountered dreddfoxx's Alice Cooper - Halo of flies . I reboot my PC to clear up any issues but once I reboot it still gives me the following debug info: [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: + <WARNING> 'D3DX9_42.dll' file validation is disabled ... [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: + CustomsForge Song Manager (v1.4.
  12. Good afternoon all, I have been off for almost 2 years. i am downloading all the programs to make my own CDLCs as all programs have been updated since I last work with them all... Having said that, there is a new program available (CFSM) that wasn't in existence before (or has it replaced the toolkit?) Is this program necessary to create CDLCs? Any help would be appreciated. I have read the FAQs and couldn't find anything on the usage of CFSM. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I'm new here and stoked to find this website! Followed wepeel's tutorial and things are working a treat. Would love to find more info on fixing some cDLC tracks on my Mac: OS Sierra 10.12.6 Customs Forge Song Manager (v1.4.1.2 - MAC BETA VERSION) Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit (v2.8.4.1) I've converted a number of PC files to MAC and they have worked fine. A few tracks are not appearing in RS14 however and the only post I could find is for PC only. Any Mac people out there with info on how to best use the above apps to repair m.psarc files? Thanks in advance!
  14. Recently I decided to try to repair my CDLC that had the 100% bug, from 93 songs 14 seem to fail the repair. 5 are corrupt and 9 are maxfive is there a way to fix these CDLCs?
  15. SlyG

    AVG Detects Virus?

    Installed CFSM and AVG instantly returned a virus detection and deleted the exe file. Anyone else had this issue?
  16. OS: Win7 Ultimate, 64-bit CPU: AMD FX-6100 AV: Microsoft Security Essentials .NET Framework version: 4.6.1 I'm running the beta that I just downloaded a little over an hour ago. The first thing I did was run the bulk repair with these settings: Skip Previously Repaired CDLC: Yes (but again, first time running it) Add DD (if not already present): Yes Repair 100% Mastery Bug: Yes Preserve existing song stats: Yes Run Repair using (.org) files: No Ignore Multitone Exceptions: No Repair Maximum Playable Arrangements: No Of the 271 files processed, 224 were skipped becaus
  17. I'm running the CustomsForge Song Manager to fix the Mastery bug, and I'm running into some issues. One is that it's taking up a lot of disk space. It tells us to back up our songs, which I did, but then it makes copies of every file anyway. Plus, even with me deleting those copies as it goes along, and moving other files to a different hard drive, my hard drive is filling up. I'm in the middle of fixing my library, and I don't think I'll have room to finish. I'm getting songs don't have issues when I play them put into the corrupt folder. What problems might these songs have? What co
  18. When I open an installed copy of CFSM Beta ( the program displays to the monitor, but the CFSM installer activates and asks to install CFSM. I cancel and move on, and it doesn't seem to cause problems. The program is set up to run in "administrator" mode, and I am set up as an "Elevated" Administrator in Windows 7 Home Premium. I have only used it to build song sets from CDCL, DCL, RS1 DCL, and the songs that are embedded in RS2012, and RS2014.
  19. Description: I cant use the right click menu to access DLC Location in Song manager. While it works in Duplicates tab with Explore System Info: Windows 10 64bit .NET Framework 1.0 not installed.NET Framework 1.1 not installed.NET Framework 2.0 service pack 2.NET Framework 3.0 service pack 2.NET Framework 3.5 service pack 1.NET Framework 4.0 Client installed.NET Framework 4.0 Full installed.NET Framework 4.5 installed Reproduction steps: 1. Start the app and wait for it while it rescans your CDLCs 2. Right click on any CDLC 3. Click on Ope
  20. Hi CFSM developers, I am extremely pleased with your beautiful software which, in it's initial release, is already very impressive! Thank-you sooo much! You guys addressed everything I wanted! So I tested the CFSM Song Manager, Duplicates and Renamer tabs Although they do everything I could possibly want and although I can happily live with no improvements made, I figured you'd like to hear some opportunities for refinement that you are free to ignore. I know not every cares like me about renaming so some points are more a wishlist than issues. Song Manager tab: Questions: -
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