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  1. Anyone got any ideas on how to accurately tab out tremolo bar stuff for RS2014?
  2. Think that's all I can wrestle outta this one for now. https://ibb.co/mUFyod
  3. Ah, apologies, I spent an hour looking through and tinkering myself and I can't believe I missed that help menu :blink: Thanks anyway, appreciate the help.
  4. Hi all, Had some trouble repairing a CDLC, when I tried to repair it I got "Maximum playable arrangement limit exceeded." I have redownloaded the CDLC to make sure I've the latest version and I know I now have to go and repair it with the max 5 settings but I haven't used this part of the repair tool before so I'm not sure what options to select to get the result I want. Any tips on using this function?
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