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  1. I'm running the CustomsForge Song Manager to fix the Mastery bug, and I'm running into some issues. One is that it's taking up a lot of disk space. It tells us to back up our songs, which I did, but then it makes copies of every file anyway. Plus, even with me deleting those copies as it goes along, and moving other files to a different hard drive, my hard drive is filling up. I'm in the middle of fixing my library, and I don't think I'll have room to finish. I'm getting songs don't have issues when I play them put into the corrupt folder. What problems might these songs have? What could I do to fix the corruption that CFSM is detecting? I'm also getting custom inlays moved into the corrupt folder. This isn't that big a problem to fix, because I can sort by file size, but it would be nice if the tool could tell that they aren't songs, and leave them be. Finally, what's the best way to re-repair some songs? While deleting songs to make room, I accidentally deleted a few songs that had already been run. I have copies of the un-fixed files, but the CFSM doesn't seem to want to fix them again. I've tried putting them into subfolders it hadn't got to yet, but it skipped them. I'm using Version, which is the latest Beta version.
  2. I've never tried bandhub, but I was messing around with using the Rocksmith cable as a microphone on Rock band, to do the vocal parts. I found that, for whatever reason, the Rocksmith cable would not be recognized, but the Band Fuse cable would. So it may just be that you need a different cable than the Rocksmith one. Regular electric guitar USB cables are only around $10 on Amazon, so getting a different cable shouldn't cost too much.
  3. On PS3, I have it set to not automatically sign into PSN, and when RS2014 wants to log into it, to be able to get to Uplay, I don't let it. You have to log into Uplay one time on PC, I think, to get it to stop asking for something. I couldn't prevent it from logging in automatically, so I changed my Uplay password and didn't tell RS2014 what it is. So now it can't log into Uplay any more. I think the game is more stable without logging into Uplay, plus they can't spam my song list with their current week's DLC.
  4. I still use search.customsforge.com. Still worksAt the top of that page, it says
  5. What TomSawyer2012 said. I hadn't realized yet that that didn't work any more. I'll often see something that catches my eye, find a song I like, then click on the artist to see what other songs they have. Or I'll click on a charter who has made good DLC that I like and just try a few artists or songs I don't recognize.
  6. I don't like that I can't just easily open the page for a song. On the old site, I can open a song page in a new tab with a single click. It stays on that page, and I can easily open a few tabs in a row. On the ignition site, I have to click on the song, scroll the dialog window down, then click to go to the song page. Then I have to close the dialog window to select a new song. I'd much rather have a direct link to the song page.
  7. I think I'll like this better than the old search, but I've run into a couple of issues: First, when I go to http://ignition.customsforge.com/, it's remembering a search I had the last time I was there. There's nothing in the link I'm using with the search information, so it must be being saved in a cookie or something. Second, I'm not sure how to get to the page for a particular DLC. I like that I can click now to just get to the download, but I can't figure out how to go to the CDLC page. I'm guessing it's possible, and I just don't know how. ETA: I've got three paragraphs in the above, but it's all showing up as a single paragraph, making it harder to read. ETA2: After adding the first ETA, I've got paragraphs now...
  8. Cool! I had old info. Previously family sharing allowed only 1 game at a time, but this has changed at some point? Luckily I hadn't made the actual purchase just yet. :) Thanks a lot! unfortunately, Rocksmith doesn't support Steam Family sharing.
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