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  1. Ah, that makes sense. I'm having the same problem, except my CDLC seem to be fine, it's large chunks of ODLC that aren't showing up for me. Probably the same issue, though. Funny thing is, I'm not getting the "Enumerating downloadable content..." message when I start up (but I've seen it before, so I know what to look for). Maybe I need to take one out and add it back so RS notices a change and re-indexes everything? Lemme give it a go and see what happens. Edit: OK, geez, no...I'm just an idiot. I was juggling things around, running CFSM with my ODLC directory moved elsewhere so I did
  2. OK, so, update; I went through the CF search engine and looked up all the CDLCs and re-downloaded them. Except, as it turns out, the one I really wanted with the corrupted BNK file that was just borked and would definitely have to be completely rebuilt...turns out Rocksmith actually has that song as ODLC now, so, problem solved! :) The one with the messed-up tone name is still showing the same symptoms, and still doesn't get fixed with "Ignore Multitone Exceptions". However, there's a second CDLC of the same song now, and that one downloads and goes through the repair process with no issu
  3. OK; I think we're talking about the same thing and I'm just over-explaining it. :) I only have one user (the one I created during OS installation)...it's in the Administrators group just like I assume every MS Windows default install user is. I just tried to go into minute detail because it seems like a really weird issue and I figured whatever it was, had to be something small and subtle. Here's where the plot thickens: I deleted CFSM's directory in "My Documents", then uninstalled CFSM, then reinstalled again. I went back in and did the bulk repair, and got all the same
  4. I did check the permissions on the file (and its containing directory); I confirmed that the Administrators group had read/write/execute permissions to both. I'm running CFSM as a user in the Administrator's group (my normal user account), and that's also the account I used to install it. I'm certainly down for trying a reinstall, but be advised that I'm already using the latest beta (unless there's something newer than the beta I downloaded and installed last night, just before creating this topic, which still shows as the most recent version at http://ignition.customsforge.com/cfsm
  5. OS: Win7 Ultimate, 64-bit CPU: AMD FX-6100 AV: Microsoft Security Essentials .NET Framework version: 4.6.1 I'm running the beta that I just downloaded a little over an hour ago. The first thing I did was run the bulk repair with these settings: Skip Previously Repaired CDLC: Yes (but again, first time running it) Add DD (if not already present): Yes Repair 100% Mastery Bug: Yes Preserve existing song stats: Yes Run Repair using (.org) files: No Ignore Multitone Exceptions: No Repair Maximum Playable Arrangements: No Of the 271 files processed, 224 were skipped becaus
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