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  1. I'd like to make two CDLC requests ... and Thank you!
  2. I run RS2014 on a Mac, using the Mac CustomSongToolKit to convert several cDLCs to Mac format. Most of them show up in RS but there's always one or two that go missing. Next time I launch RS they might be back but some other is missing. This is seemingly random behavior. I use the Cherub Rock ID on all songs as per default. Anyone familiar with this issue?
  3. ... Bah. Nevermind... it launched after all. Just took ages! :)
  4. Hi, I can't get the Custom Song Toolkit running on Mac. I tried both Mono and toolkit versions listed above. The toolkit app launches but is stuck forever in the dock, animating but never really starts. This is on Mac El Capitan. Any ideas what's wrong?
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