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  1. I Just posted another N.D,few more in project ! 😉 🤘 

  2. Hi guys. Not a song request, but a few bands which I think would make great CDLCs and which have been totally or almost ignored so far: ANATHEMA (early) ANCIENT RITES ARCTURUS BOLT THROWER CATHEDRAL EDGE OF SANITY DISMEMBER PARADISE LOST (early) MY DYING BRIDE HAIL OF BULLETS SAMAEL GOREFEST GORGUTS NAPALM DEATH (mid era) PAIN
  3. Hi guys: it's been a while since I added new songs and I'm maybe doing something wrong. I'm moving some new songs to the dlc folder in Rocksmith, and when I try to repair them with CS song manager, they stay as NotRepaired no matter how many times I try to patch them. I'm getting this in the log [2020/10/03 11:27:11]: <ERROR> Could not verify CFSM work folders ... [2020/10/03 11:27:11]: Illegal characters in path. Theres no "illegal" (weird?) characters in any path Library / Application Support / Steam / Steamapps / common / Rocksmith2014 / dlc Documents / CFSM I'm on mac I didn't move anything or reinstall anything. Any hints? I'd appreciate it guys.
  4. HI guys: Recently I realized that in CFSM folder (Mac) there's a subfolder called "original" full of what appear to be copies of cdlcs (I'm not really an expert). The problem is that there are 6GB worth of files there, and I need space in my computer. Can I just delete them? What are they for anyway? Thanks for your help
  5. It appears you are running on Mac? I migrated from PC to Mac a bit ago and have found the same issue on the Mac. The PC can flawlessly load up thousands of files, the Mac gets it knickers in a twist at about 1000 it seems. I have not found a fix as yet. I decided to take out the dlc folder quite a few and I left about 500, and now it works like a charm. What I'll do, in case some of them are corrupt, is to add just a few every time I'm gonna play and then see when it starts happening. I didn't update to Catalina yet, another reason to stick with Mojave for a little more time :) I'll try that too, sounds like a great idea. For the record, in reddit someone pointed out that save files could get corrupted and cause the crash, so he suggested to "clean" them. But I really don't know how to do that. Any clues? Maybe by piling up solutions, we Mac users can finally enjoy the game :)
  6. I decided to add a few exercises and songs to RS. I had about 600 songs and now, with a few more and the exercises I have about 800. But now the game has started crashing. I start playing normally and after a while, some album covers start disappearing from the list, themn I know that after playing about one or two songs the game will freeze when loading a new song (the usual "empty room" crash). I rebooted, eliminated all duplicates, cleaned possible corrupt files with Steam and applied the Mac patch again, but the game keeps freezing after a few songs. Can a corrupt CDLC cause this? Do I have too many songs on the dlc folder? I'll appreciate any help.
  7. Hi! First, let me start by saying I've searched for this in Google, Reddit and this forum, but I couldn't find a clear answer. I'm on Mac and I'd like to contribute with some cdlcs to the community. But I can't seem to find a tutorial for Mac users. I found, however, a comment in this forum from 2015 stating that it was impossible then to create customs on Mac Quote: [However, unless you have a PC to use instead of your Mac, I wouldn't invest too much time trying to create customs. Unless somebody has figured out how to fix the problems it's not really possible to create customs on Mac.] Is it still impossible to create CDLCS in Mac?
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