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  1. I've had to reinstall CFSM multiple times now. After a few times of launching it, rather than launch the manager, it launches the Setup instead and asks if I want to perform a clean install. Why does it keep doing this?
  2. Solved. Kind of a dumb reason. I recently switched drives and reinstalled windows due to a disk failure. Was able to access my files and started moving them to another disk. That included Rocksmith. So now I have two Rocksmiths. I was launching off of the wrong one (the copy that was moved) while putting all of my new CDLCs in the original on my failing disk. Whoops.
  3. Yup. Like I said, it's been working all the way up until a couple weeks ago. I still have all of my CDLCs working, but I can't add any more. I do the same thing I always do, drop the psarcs in my dlc folder, repair them on CFSM, run the game, etc. and they just don't show up on my song list.
  4. Everything's been working fine up until a few weeks ago, now whenever I repair songs, they don't show up on my song list! I'm running the latest version, what's going on?
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