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  1. I can play music and other sounds just fine. I've even set up the new speakers to be the speakers for the Rocksmith 2014 app in sound settings to no avail. Any ideas?
  2. One thing to consider is that the open string and the fretted one sound different. A lot of times I go for the fretted, for example, A on the E string instead of the open A string. It all depends on the sound you are going for. I find the open strings sound more "ringy".
  3. That did it. Thanks for your help. I'll admit to being an idiot when It comes to this stuff.
  4. OK, I could just be an idiot, but I cannot get this to work on my Windows 10 pc. I get it downloaded and installed, but I can't figure out to do what's next. It's something about accessing the dlc, but I have no idea how to make that work. Thanks for any help!
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