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  1. Happy Birthday Cbouty!

  2. Cbouty

    CDLC Requests

    Rush Broon's Bane and Kid gloves!
  3. Hey all, I see there is a playthrough video of Dirt by Alice in Chains on youtube, but it isn't on the list of Downloads. Anyone have the file and could add it back to the list?
  4. Happy Birthday Cbouty!

  5. I wouldn't waste money on really good computer speakers... Buy an ABY pedal from Morley or Radial, split the signal and spend your money on a nice guitar amp... That way you have something to play on when you get good away from Rocksmith :)
  6. definitely the part of the game that needs updating the most... I play thru my amp, but the rocksmith cables just fiz out over time....
  7. whoever put it back up, thanks!
  8. same problem guys... bummer
  9. I have the digitech drop and love it! I hate the tones that the game has preset, so I have my own amp and small pedal board including the Drop that I play thru. I use a Switchbone V2 pedal to split the signal to both rocksmith and my amp (and it has an awesome boost). With the amp on, you can't hear your sting clicks at all (which would be annoying since they may not be the tuning that the drop is emmiting). I have two guitars - one tuned to E standard and one to drop D. with two guitars tuned this way and the Drop pedal, you never have to stop to retune (just switch guitars and/or chang
  10. Hey Cozy1, Found a new error I've never seen before repairing a song.... It says the input string is in the wrong format?
  11. Correct! it fixes coding in the psarc file
  12. @@cfg So, when the bug was in pace on the song, you achieved the 100% (because of the bug). so, the save file thinks you played it perfectly. The CFSM fix can't go back and figure out what you played correctly in the past. It can only fix it so the game reads it correctly the next time you play the song (and every time after that). So, you need to check the box to not preserve stats and have it go back to 0% and then replay the song. If you preserve the stats, the song will still show a 100%; however, it will show you the correct percentage each time you play it- but will still display
  13. I updated to newest CFSM and it worked... thanks!!
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