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  1. worked for me. Website mentions but downloads Latest Windows Build Patch Notes are not shown, white empty box.
  2. log [2019/10/18 00:07:34]: Validated existing 'D3DX9_42.dll' file installation ... [2019/10/18 00:07:34]: <WARNING> 'Auto Quarantine' is disabled ... [2019/10/18 00:07:39]: DownloadVersionInfo Web Exception: The operation has timed out ... [2019/10/18 00:07:44]: DownloadVersionInfo Web Exception: The operation has timed out ... [2019/10/18 00:07:49]: DownloadVersionInfo Web Exception: The operation has timed out ... [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: DownloadVersionInfo Web Exception: The operation has timed out ... [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: DownloadVersionInfo Web Exception: Connection Timed Out ... [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + CustomsForge Song Manager (v1.5.6.1 - PC BUILD) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 (64 bit) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + CultureInfo: en-US [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + .NET Framework (v4.0.30319.42000) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + RocksmithToolkitLib (v2.9.2.0-013e9e81) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + Dynamic Difficulty Creator (v3.6) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + App.config Status (Load Successful) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + System Display DPI Setting (96) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: + System Display Screen Scale Factor (150%) [2019/10/18 00:07:55]: Exception(ApplicationException): <WARNING> This version of CFSM has expired. Please download and install the latest version.
  3. cfg

    Search: Like any search engine, it would be better for the search to run when the user hits ENTER. Right now, the user finishes typing and has to wait for the characters to appear and then the search is run. It is slow. I end up copy pasting the text which is more work.
  4. I didnt know this existed until today. Good idea. Several issues: 1. It would be helpful to be able to use the main window and the report window so users can check their songs. If not possible, at least be able to copy paste the report to check the songs. 2. I would rather the scan would not report Disabled songs. 3. The grid of the report doesnt really work. Cant sort by Artist, cant select songs (only the first one gets checked). 4. Sorting by Date sorts songs by month first, not year. YYYYMMDD would work better.
  5. When CFSM cant Repair a song it moves it to the corrupt or maxfive folder. It is annoying to have to move song back to the dlc folder to play it even without the repair as it is still playable. A setting to disable this would be good or remove the feature altogether.
  6. This is really annoying. v1.5.4.7 If someone makes a mistake while typing, they need to retype the whole string again. Let the user correct the string and show no songs if there are no matches. It used to work like this before.
  7. cfg

    Search String

    When I do a search, I get a list of songs that have that string. If I do a Repair or a Quick Rescan, CFSM refreshes the screen and clears my Search String which then I need to type again. It would be better for the same Search String to be kept after an action has been performed to avoid having to retype the Search String. Also, when I close CFSM with a search string and open it again, it seems to remember that search string until I close it again. If I perform another search and perform an action, it goes back to the saved Search string. CFSM should remember the LAST Search String not an old one.
  8. <ERROR> (e2) <ERROR> Writing Package: There is tone name error in XML Arrangement: PART REAL_GUITAR Lead is not properly defined.Use EOF to re-author custom tones or Notepad to attempt manual repair. Trying to Repair Slash's Snakepit Dime Store Rock.
  9. <ERROR> (e2) Tone data is missing in CDLC and multitones will not change properly in game.Please re-author XML arrangements in EOF and repair multitones name and time changes. Trying to Repair Audioslave Dandelion.
  10. Trying to Repair a Song, You from Candlebox and getting this error.
  11. If you only have 1 line and it stops there, you know it was that song. There is no need to say Finish this song and then say Start next song. Again, its redundant. I was happy seeing the log when it was 1 line, as I could see the scan progress.
  12. [2019/02/22 19:02:55]: - Parsing song data from: ...\Rocksmith2014\dlc\The Agonist_Business Suits and Combat Boots_NA_p.psarc [2019/02/22 19:02:55]: - The Agonist_Business Suits and Combat Boots_NA_p.psarc parsing took: 11 (msec) Log file is twice as long. Both lines repeat the song name. "Parsing song data from:" is redundant info as we know they are being parsed. When reading the lines as they are read, "Parsing song data from:" doesnt allow to read the alphabetical order. It only used to show 1 line in previous versions and it was helpful as user could see where the parsing progress was alphabetically. Line 1 only says name. Line 2 says name and time. I would only use line 2!
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