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  1. Hi, I've just got a new Windows 10 laptop and have tried migrating my Rocksmith files from my old Windows 7 laptop. Initially I copied the DLC file and CFSM files that live under the Rocksmith 2014 folder. Doing this, I could see all songs - CustomsForge official songs plus CDLC. The official songs seem to all work fine, however when I 'play' CDLC, I get past the tuning stage, but the screen then doesn't produce the song - I'm just in the setting with the amps and can play the guitar (so the game isn't frozen) but nothing happens with the song. I thought that maybe I needed to download CFSM again, so downloaded the rar file, got that opened etc... - but unfortunately that hasn't fixed the issue Any ideas on what likely simple step I'm missing? Thanks in advance!
  2. FYI Have worked out how to fix - deleted all files from the Program Files (x86)\Steam folder except SteamApps and the Steam Application. Then started the Steam application and it applied all the updates (one was getting stuck in a naming issue according to the logs) and everything is back - perhaps for the time being as it may be a CDLC issue. Hope this helps someone else if they get stuck in this mess!!
  3. Jim - I'm crap too but enjoy slowly but surely getting better. I suppose it depends what your goal is. If you want to be Slash, maybe you need to reset your sights. If it's to have some enjoyable downtime and gradually improve with no dreams of superstardom (my goal), then persist. Whatever your goal is, my recommendation would be to keep at it as in a few years, you'll be having loads of guitar fun. Nothing good comes easy!! Good luck
  4. Hi all, I've been having an issue for the last week or so where my purchased DLC songs are not showing up in Rocksmith despite the fact that they are in my DLC folder (PC), together with the songs that came with the game and my CDLCs. I've tried updating/restarting Steam and "Verfiying the integrity of the game cache" - but this hasn't worked. On a conversation stream I was on on Steam, it seems that the issue may be caused by the fact that I have CDLCs. Are any of you aware of this potential problem and how I can fix it so that I can play both my purchased songs as well as my CDLCs? Thanks for any advice Ash
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