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  1. Happy Birthday snake06!

  2. Lead guitar or bass, having the same problem :(
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if someone has the same problem as me. I have Rocksmith 2014 original on steam, with Cherub Rock DLC and the last dll (as the guide indicate). To avoid any problem, I always run everything as an administrator (steam, rocksmith, CFSM). However, many songs do not appear within the game. For starters, none of the RS1 songs works (they don't appear in game). Some songs, like "Creep - Radioheadsong" (song pack 9) appear with a small padlock, and when I click on them, they send me to the store (although I have the psarc file in the dlc folder). To solve these inconsistencies I decided to download CFSM and activate the options such as "include RS1 compatibility pack", "validate DLL" and all. It didn't help, in fact I could see more inconsistencies like this:- Rocksmith song count: 1437- Raw songs count: 1179 - In game songs (filtered by "all"): 1183 The thing is..I´ve a lot of songs to play, but some songs that I like a lot can´t be played. There´s something that I could do to fix this? I tried to download some of them as CDLC, but songs like Space Oddity - Bowie are ODLC, so the only way I can play it is by the game itself. I´ve the psarc file for PC (not Mac, no PS3 or XBOX) why rocksmith didn´t recognize it? Thanks for the help in advance, I really don't know what to do anymore and I'm dealing with this problem since I bought rocksmith in 2017.
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