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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 321


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What a great week.

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Beginner: In Flames - Varmlandsvisan (3) @92.48%
Intermediate: Queens of the Stone Age - I never Came (5) @84%
Advanced: Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction (6) @90.53%


Queens of the Stone Age is really hard for me .. these bends :o

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Hi All,


i remember the Golden Elk from last time, i never pretended to like it but it kind of grew on me, i think i got up to 96% last time.....


here's a starting point...




a few more runs,




and again




and again





pleased with that one.... for now,


night night all

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Some mo betters



Take that arpeggios!  Yeah!



Never really got into Megadeath, but this one is fun to play and growing on me.  Thank you championship for expanding my musical tastes yet again!



Trying to stretch myself the next couple week and give the advanced songs a try.

Again, really fun to play!



I was going to ask if Finland even had elk, but wikipedia informs me that in eurasia Elk means Moose.  Somehow the Golden Moose lacks a certain poetry.


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Championship Leaderboard                                                         Song Selection Sheet

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Totally cheated the 1.5 step bends with slides.


Surprising fc.


Silly mistakes


Actually tuned to Drop B. Struggling with note recognition.


Problem solved. Tuned to Drop D, but using my drop pedal.

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Latest championship entries (click each timestamp to see the full screenshot.)



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