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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 251


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Friday afternoon warm up, been another busy week with no Guitar time  :(


However.... i saw that the Maztor improved his Motorhead score and i just couldn't leave it,





and a little plus on Santana






and a little tribute to a huge talent and a massive loss R.I.P Aretha Franklin




now where's that six string ?  :guitar:

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Once again doing a bit of a participation. Good news though is that everything seems to be back to normal so next week or the one after I'll be back to full participation. Steam also still doesn't work right for me but luckily I can take pictures with geforce experience.



Note detection doesn't work well for me so I'm just gonna take the participation award




Not part of the official challenges this week but its always fun to play pantera 


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Well, after going through riff repeater and roughly 90 minutes each night this week other than Wednesday night, I can do no better than my previously posted Rhythm score and can't replicate my lead score from last week.  I don't know what it is, I seem to miss about every 5th chord, even though I think I'm playing it right.  Oh well, something to keep working on I guess.  I'm done for this week I think.

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-= weekly leaderboard update =-


leader changes:

@ - Mc Lead




Great Playing Everyone!!!!



Give Your Heart and Your Soul for That Damn Rock´n´Roll !!!!

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Some bass for this encore:



And almost the same % in master mode:



I tried again the rhythm guitar for Louie Louie, but despite the fact I know the structure of the song (master mode bass), I cannot get more than 95% with the guitar. I don't get the strumming pattern and if I try to strum more than necessary, it doesn't get all the notes and I have stamina issue :(

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Well i tried and tried with the scorpions song but got more and more frustrated (angry) i just can't do it  :(


so i went on to the ADV Rhythm to get a better score.....just





then onto ADV Bass because i just knew i could better that,





and the Beatles just deserved some more work......






as did Motorhead





Flushed with success i went back to Scorpions......... and i still can't get over 83 Bloody percent !!!!!


i give up.


can we have a nice easy (easier) ADV Lead this week please ? 

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@@Telboy - jup, really hard to improve on wind of change.. no + all the week here

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