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  1. Happy Birthday Hawckins!

  2. Happy Birthday Hawckins!

  3. It will be it for this week I cant play Every breath you take, my left hand cant handle the stretch for too long, maybe another time I'll be able to play it
  4. I dont know if Im still on time to participate on this week championship but here it goes anyway
  5. Didn't had too much time to play this week, still here it is
  6. Really enjoyed this week songs, they were fun to play
  7. I'm actually surprised that I have been puted in Intermediate Lead, because before when I used to play this Rocksmith championship I was always on Beginner. I guess I will try to keep up with the Intemediate level :)
  8. 1st time I have played this version I really like Dire Straits :D
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