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  1. if both PCs are on the same network, you could try symbolic links to the "main" PC. I tinkered around with it, basically made a folder called "CDLC" on the 2nd PC in the "rocksmith/dlc" folder, then used a tool to create a symbolic link pointing that CDLC folder to the folder on the main PC where the files are. The 2nd computer sees that folder and link and as long as both PCs are on and not asleep or powered down, the 2nd PC essentially loads the songs from the main PC. It worked when I tried it a couple months ago, but since then have just been playing on my main PC and haven't tried it since. It might even work if you have all your CDLC on a usb drive, so long as the usb drive is plugged in and recognized by the PC before starting Rocksmith (so the song files can enumerate at start up). I might have to give that a try just to see if it can be done . . .
  2. So this week I learned I need to work on chord changes. Even though this isn't that hard of a song that way, the strumming and changes had me fumbling a lot, especially that lone one that was way up at the 1-2-3-4 fret area from the 9-12 fret area and back (at the end of the song). Beginner Lead 94.9% I did play the Intermediate one too, which wasn't too terrible, but still low 80's after some off and on work. Might try focusing on that next week, we'll see what songs get put up. Hope everyone had a great week!
  3. Hey everyone - hope you all had a good week! Spring has sprung they say, but the snow in my weather forecast says otherwise. Worked really hard on getting things right this week. Not a big Metallica fan and the lyrics are not to my liking on this song, but I soldiered through it. Beginner Lead - 98.75%
  4. I don't think I''m going to get better than this. Can hit 96% consistently but getting over top of that is proving a challenge. Beginner Lead 97.4%
  5. Figured I better get this posted. May not have a chance to try and improve on this. Beginner Lead - 96.9%
  6. Don't have a score to post because I forgot to grab screenshots last night. But was about 90% on Beginner Lead. Interesting song to play and a good one to work that pinky finger for note runs. Will have to revisit the song from time to time to work on that technique. Thanks for the interesting selection and look forward to the new songs this weekend!
  7. Little bit of an improvement on Beginner Lead - now to 94.1% (took some time to really tune even though RS said I was in tune - made a difference from what I could see on note detection) Then took a run at the Rhythm path for Beginner - 97.4%
  8. So, the last 2 weeks I tried to "up my game" and go after intermediate songs. However, they were 2 extremely frustrating weeks for which I posted no scores as I was not able to get above 85% on either song. I am therefore stepping back down to beginner as I'm doing this for fun and not taking lessons or making specific efforts to get better, other than when I come across a song I want to learn. Here's my effort on this week's beginner song after working on it Sunday: Beginner Lead - 91.4%
  9. Flailing is exactly how I feel too. I just spent about an hour running that repeating line with and without riff repeater and once I take it past 90% speed, it's fumble fingers on both hands. But did manage to increase my performance on Lead: now at 93.6%
  10. So, my first listen of this weeks Intermediate song had me going "yow, I maybe should have stayed at the beginner level", but after a few more listens, I gave it a try at sightreading and didn't do too bad, so into repeater I go. Even gave a couple shots at the rhythm and bass parts too. The song grew on me through the repeats too. Hope to work on those runs in the guitar parts and improve the lead and/or rhythm score. Bass was just to see what it was like compared to the other parts. Lead: 88.7% Rhythm: 86.3% Bass: 90.9%
  11. Since this post is still up and active - here's my weak effort for my first foray into intermediate Lead: 86.8%
  12. First - nice work on the RSCS XP concept. As I suspected, I am teasingly close to advancing from Beginner. I was already thinking after this current week was completed to making that move. Now that I played the beginner song today, I'm sure I should move up after this week (I might try the next level song, but no promises!) So, I'm going out with a bang and submitting scores for Beginner Lead, Rhythm AND Bass! :) Lead - 98% Rhythm - 99.05% Bass - 97.01% Have a great week everyone!
  13. Oh my the cover art on this Beginner song!!! It's definitely one that I won't be showing off to my mother to brag about how well I'm progressing! :) Thinking I may give rhythm and bass a shot this week as well, may even try the Intermediate song. Have a great week everyone! After about 30 minutes of work - 97.82% Beginner Lead
  14. Managed to improve a bit to 98.3% on Beginner Lead before the deadline:
  15. Managed to increase just a bit - Beginner Lead 82.2%
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