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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 326


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Sweet Child of Mine always eats my lunch on lead.



I think it is an easier 5 on rhythm, but maybe I am just familiar with it.



I'm always surprised how solid GnR's basslines are.  Slash gets the glory, but this baseline holds it all together.  Good stuff!



Looking forward to working on this one all week


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Championship Leaderboard                                                         Song Selection Sheet

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ftl, ay!!




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way better rhy




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swear i got way more than this but my guitar is a bit trash in anything but e standard (and a bit temperamental in e standard as well)

hit the notes, sounded fine... didnt register. but... i think i've finally figured out why!




GNR tickets for May woop!


hopefully my dad wont get too hurt this time attempting to join in a pit. i did warn him that despite being a pretty big tough guy he was still getting a bit too old for that now, but he insisted... so with me watching from the edge, i see a younger girl with her head down and arms flailing wildly deliver an accidental but still rather savage elbow to the side of his head, oof, before he quickly retreated, a bit shaken and embarrassed!


not so sweet child of someones!

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