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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 250


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@@diceslinger If you enter the menu while in learn a song, there is an option for "Mixer" and you can turn the music volume down and keep the guitar volume higher to hear it isolated. I play through an amp into the PC though, so I have the rocksmith guitar volume muted as well, but it's works the same. Find it quite harder to get the timing right relying on the visuals rather than the sound I think :).


The recording software is called OBS Studio which is free, and not too difficult to set up. It's been helping a lot though with doing solos and trying to develop my ear, to record bunch of plays through, then going back and watching the replay and listening and getting a better sense of what it sounds like to over-bend or under-bend.





@@MentalSharps, I got thinking about this last night and slowed the solo down to 80% to listen to myself on the solo.  First, your playthough sounds pretty good!  Mine was pretty ugly sounding, and it made me appreciate how good yours sounded.  Second, how did you record yourself isolated?  I've been toying with that idea, I know the sound from the game masks a lot of junk in my playing, so much like you I'm ready to start going for musicality rather than a high score in the game.


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I saw Motorhead back in the 80's at the Bol D'or 24 hour motorbike race in the south of France....... they had no trouble playing loud enough to drown out the 40 or so screaming Motorbikes,   :lol:


anyway, scores,




nice and easy start,


m7k57sstfz2kc526g.jpgnot so easy as i kept missing notes.... i blame the hot weather.




Straight into Master Mode anybody ?



some other good scores......







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Great songs this week and I can't really play :( Some scores that I managed to get today:



Some misses on chords :(



Some parts need practice.



Tried Score Attack, vjohnal's style ;)



Couldn't resist some Pantera. Way too short fingernail to hit those pinch harmonics.

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Master of Rocksmith Championship
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...And Song Selection List For All
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The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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Hmmm, the only progress I made last night is for a song way above my class.  Oh well, I really enjoy mangling this song.  I have added 15 minutes in the Temple of the Bends to my practice routine to finally get better at bends.  Long overdue!


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Championship Leaderboard                                                         Song Selection Sheet

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