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Error Adding Leading Silence


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Hello Guys,

I am experiencing an error every time I try to add leading silence. It tells me adding leading silence failed and then asks me if I want to undo. I hit yes but it is still messed up afterwards.


I am okay with not being able to add leading silence, but this also caused an error in my chart. At the 3 second mark, the song now just ends and I can see on the chart that there is a red line signifying the end of the audio. I can also no longer hear any audio for the song in EOF.


Anyone have any ideas? How to make leading silence work and how to fix my current chart?




Here is the EOF file:




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I ran into this problem before when I had "Stream copy (oggCat)" enabled instead of "Re-encode." I don't think oggcat likes to make leading silence to 3 seconds (could be machine related).  I fixed my problem by just starting a new file and re-importing everything.  I'm looking at EoF right now, so you could try "File>Load OGG" and select the song file you want to use.  You would probably have to convert the file to .ogg first.  I hope things work out. Good Luck

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use Audacity to prepare the audio before you use EoF if you have this issue?

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@@DiversantBivnev Audacity is also exporting audio to ogg vorbis which is a lossy format so at the same quality settings, the result is strictly the same to EOF encoding.

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When using the re-encode option, EOF uses the current OGG file's reported bitrate, so the resulting quality is about the same as the original. If you supplied an MP3 during chart creation, EOF uses the copy of it that was kept in the project folder to avoid losing quality from an additional transcoding (converting OGG to WAV and back to OGG can cause quality loss).

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I know I'm late to the party, but I ran into this problem also. EOF creates a backup ogg, so you can delete the 3 second long song (guitar.ogg) and rename the backup to guitar.ogg. That should recover the work you've done. I still don't know how to get it to work, but I think it has something to do with the bit rate. Songs I've done with 192k bit rates worked fine, but all those I've done with higher bit rates failed. That is probably not a coincidence.

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The latest hotfix of EOF has some bugs with its audio file handling that result in the leading silence function not working correctly, but otherwise EOF will detect if the stream copy option failed and resulted in a short audio file and will offer to undo the operation. OggCat has some limitations with which OGG files it can append, so sometimes you have no choice but to use the re-encode option.

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