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Welcome to the Triumph Discography.  Feel free to join and help chart this highly underrated band. Your contributions will be very much appreciated.  I'll be slowly updating my own bass charts with guitar to the best of my ability since I don't play guitar (Basically, because I'm sick of waiting for Ubisoft to make a Triumph Pack.).  I'll provide links to every Triumph cDLCs even if it's just has one path.  Keep Fighting the Good Fight Everyone. ~SlickWilly :)  Path Guide: **** (Lead, Rhythm, Bass, Vocals)



1976     Triumph / ...In The Beginning(1995)


  1. "24 Hours a Day"     
  2. "Be My Lover"   
  3. "Don't Take My Life"  (**SlickWilly)
  4. "Street Fighter"     
  5. "Street Fighter (Reprise)"
  6. "What's Another Day of Rock 'n Roll"    
  7. "Easy Life"
  8. "Let Me Get Next to You"
  9. "Blinding Light Show / Moonchild" (*SlickWilly)


1977     Rock & Roll Machine


  1. "Takes Time"     
  2. "Bringing It On Home" (*SlickWilly)
  3. "Little Texas Shaker"     
  4. "New York City Streets, Pt. 1"     
  5. "New York City Streets, Pt. 2"
  6. "The City: War March / El Duende Agonizante / Minstrel's Lament"
  7. "Rocky Mountain Way" (Joe Walsh Cover) (Pretty much a spot on cover of the original, which is oDLC btw, so I won't be charting this)
  8. "Rock & Roll Machine"

1979     Just a Game


  1. "Moving On"
  2. "Lay It on the Line" (**Tysylio) / (**Jazzie)
  3. "Young Enough to Cry"
  4. "American Girls"
  5. "Just a Game" (*SlickWilly)
  6. "Fantasy Serenade"
  7. "Hold On" (*SlickWilly)
  8. "Suitcase Blues"

1980     Progressions of Power


  1. "I Live for the Weekend"
  2. "I Can Survive"
  3. "In the Night"
  4. "Nature's Child"
  5. "Woman in Love"
  6. "Take My Heart"
  7. "Tear the Roof Off"
  8. "Finger Talkin' "
  9. "Hard Road"

1981     Allied Forces


  1. "Fool for Your Love" (****wheels2285)
  2. "Magic Power" (***joe21121 /Live)
  3. "Air Raid"
  4. "Allied Forces" (*SlickWilly)
  5. "Hot Time (In This City Tonight)"
  6. "Fight the Good Fight" (*SlickWilly) / (*Jazzie)
  7. "Ordinary Man" (*SlickWilly)
  8. "Petite Etude"
  9. "Say Goodbye"

1982     Never Surrender


  1. "Too Much Thinking"
  2. "A World of Fantasy" (**SlickWilly)
  3. "A Minor Prelude"
  4. "All the Way" (*SlickWilly)
  5. "Battle Cry" (*SlickWilly)
  6. "Overture (Processional)"
  7. "Never Surrender" (*SlickWilly)
  8. "When the Lights Go Down" (*SlickWilly)
  9. "Writing on the Wall"
  10. "Epilogue (Resolution)"


1984     Thunder Seven


  1. "Spellbound" (****SlickWilly)
  2. "Rock Out, Roll On" (*SlickWilly)
  3. "Cool Down"
  4. "Follow Your Heart" (***brightonrock) / (*SlickWilly)
  5. "Time Goes By" (*SlickWilly)
  6. "Midsummer's Daydream"
  7. "Time Canon" (Acapella Only, no point in making a custom)
  8. "Killing Time"
  9. "Stranger in a Strange Land"
  10. "Little Boy Blues"

1985    Stages


  1. "Mind Games" (*SlickWilly)
  2. "Empty Inside"

1986     The Sport of Kings


  1. "Tears in the Rain" (***brightonrock)
  2. "Somebody's Out There" (*JamesPrestonUK)   
  3. "What Rules My Heart"     
  4. "If Only" (**brightonrock) / (****SlickWilly)
  5. "Hooked on You"
  6. "Take a Stand"     
  7. "Just One Night"     
  8. "Embrujo"
  9. "Play with the Fire"
  10. "Don't Love Anybody Else but Me" (****SlickWilly)
  11. "In the Middle of the Night"


1987     Surveillance


  1. "Prologue: Into the Forever"
  2. "Never Say Never" (****SlickWilly)
  3. "Headed for Nowhere"
  4. "All the King's Horses"
  5. "Carry on the Flame" (****SlickWilly)
  6. "Let the Light (Shine on Me)"
  7. "Long Time Gone"
  8. "Rock You Down"
  9. "Prelude: The Waking Dream"
  10. "On and On"
  11. "All Over Again" (****SlickWilly)
  12. "Running in the Night"

1993     Edge of Excess


  1. "Child of the City"
  2. "Troublemaker"
  3. "It's Over"
  4. "Edge of Excess"
  5. "Turn My Back on Love"
  6. "Riding High Again"
  7. "Black Sheep"
  8. "Boy's Night Out"
  9. "Somewhere Tonight"
  10. "Love in a Minute"

Check out the Triumph Discography

and my Workshop for my upcoming CDLCs.

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Thanks for opening the Triumph topic.

It may help to distinguish which tracks are bass only.


For me, Triumph is Rik Emmett, bass and drums are rather basic,

compared to his skills, and he went off to a solo carrier, not so popular, but even more challenging. 

(I did a solo track in my early days which needs a rework, only to see I was far from being able to play it)


If someone could do the live version of Rock'n roll machine, from the US Festival 1983, which is an official album (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_at_the_US_Festival) that would be amazing !

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I'd quite like to work on some Triumph DLC, however a running theme is that quite a few of the tabs completely butcher Rik Emmett's lead parts

I feel your pain my dude :), I have to make them from scratch because of it.

Check out the Triumph Discography

and my Workshop for my upcoming CDLCs.

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With Triumph now being licensed in RS+
I'm going to be porting over my bass customs and updating them as well as adding new songs.
Already did "A World of Fantasy" and "Tears in the Rain".

I will also update the discography with RS+ links.

Check out the Triumph Discography

and my Workshop for my upcoming CDLCs.

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