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  1. Checked files, 1 redownloaded. And as seen in another topic tried launching Rocksmith from Steam (not from desktop shortcut). Don't know what exactly helped, but now it seems okay. Sadly there's still a bug when all tones disable and remains clean sound till restart, hoped it was fixed somehow.
  2. Well.. CDLC don't work at all to be short. A month ago everything was fine.
  3. Hi everyone! I haven't played for a time till now and seems some update arrived which ruined me everything. I play Rocksmith on Intel NUC and somehow it was possible till. Now there's a change tone in-song problem, sounding like sound like. But firstly I just need to start CDLC. Is there newer .dll or something? I'm a bit frustrated.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rlv6dbat3tcdlxt/City%20312%20-%20bad%20source.zip?dl=0 - source files (didn't include bass tone, but I guess no difference, tried few) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tond2fxp7sfxofr/City-312_Ill-Stay_v1_p.psarc?dl=0 - corrupted .psarc.
  5. Somehow I managed to make my CDLC work: I converted it to .gp5 using RocksmithToTab converter. Then imported it in EOF, saved it and imported XML with RocksmithToolkit. CDLC now works and tuning is C-A-D-G.
  6. In Toolkit v2.8.4.1-6463237b all the same. Also updated EOF, saved .XML files and tried to import. No success. :(
  7. Hi everyone! I'm making CDLC for bass part. In .gtp file this part is made for 5-string bass, so for Rocksmith bass I have to make custom tuning C-A-D-G. When I import .xml file in Rocksmith Custom Toolkit I get this: And what I don't understand at all: Ingame when I start the song it checks the tuning as I supposed C-A-D-G, but afterwards not starting the 'highway' the game crashes. How can I correct all this?
  8. That's quite a surprise to me. Nowadays 128kbps, I think is really low, never considered myself an audiophile, but compressing metal tracks in low bitrate makes the difference I hear. Otherwise I wouldn't care for the bitrate.
  9. When I make leading silence OggCat doesn't work for me and I use re-encode. Then I see that EOF lowers bitrate to 128k which is very low. What can I do to fix this? I suppose that similar issue is with Rocksmith Custom Song Creation Kit. When I make DLC I just use Rocksmith Custom Song Creation Kit and put my .ogg file there (It's more convenient and obvious than wwise interface). Is there any option of which bitrate my CDLC should be?
  10. Using Audacity creates better quality ogg, while using re-encode in EOF makes lossy ogg. What should I change in EOF?
  11. Thanks for an advice. Guess I'll have to try.
  12. Sadly seems like GP can't do it.
  13. Red is the 6th string (E), blue is the 4th (D in standard tuning). I don't know - maybe it's better to make the parts in standard tuning. Are there any automated tools for that? (in Tuxguitar or in EOF)
  14. I don't know if something with capo position, but to my hearing something's wrong with the tuning itself. 6th red, 8th blue notes being played (those at start) sound like something far away.
  15. The game asked to retune my guitar. And then checked the tuning with capo on the 4th fret.
  16. The link to GP file: https://yadi.sk/d/zcBVVnwK3Jb39B Thanks in advance.
  17. The tablature sounds correct in TuxGuitar. http://imgur.com/sIPDFRq Does "offset 4" mean capo on the 4th fret? Cause when I tried setting offset to 0 the result seemed similar to the MIDI notes sound in EOF.
  18. It doesn't sound correct with MIDI tones on. What should I do? In toolkit arrangement shows correct tuning (Open D, Capo fret 4)
  19. I've tried to make CDLC. https://yadi.sk/d/Cc0wGG6w3JXWN2 Everything seemed OK in EOF. But when I tried to play I just hear notes that are not in tune with melody. Looked up another source (I used gp5 file for my CDLC), the tuning here is also Open D with Capo on 4th fret, https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/message-to-bears-mountains-tab-s402220t0?c=45171 What could be wrong?
  20. No. I mean that BPM / rhytm adjustments made for bass track are affected when I add guitar track from GP5.
  21. Toolkit v2.8.2.0-3c7d4efa beta EOF v1.8RC12 (5-3-2017)
  22. Just not to create another topic, because it is somehow similar problem: my CDLC song just hangs Rocksmith while I change it using quick search. I mean Rocksmith sounds like it's working, but the menu doesn't respond, thus I have to kill Rocksmith from Windows. What's wrong with CDLC? (part of audiofile is playing)
  23. @@raynebc In tuxguitar changing from 5 to 4 string bass just removes the line of the 5th string notes. What should I do?
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