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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 20

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Da Rules(Credit to the Ubi Forums for some Ideas!):1. Anyone may join the contest as long as he's a forum member.2. You can play "Score Attack" On Hard or "Learn a Song" with all sections mastered (all purple):2.1 There are three classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Masterclass.2.2 If you enter to the contest the first time, you choose your class.2.3 You are then leveled automatically as follows: 3x =>90% (3 weeks in a row) or 1x 98% qualifies you for the next class. If you score <=79% on a level two weeks in a row you are leveled down one class. You may choose to follow this rule or not we are very laid back on this rule as some songs are either easier or harder so if a given song in a class is too difficult for you please feel free to enter by playing the song you feel comfortable with.2.4 Both instruments are leveled separately.2.5 You may only enter in one class per arrangement.3. You may participate in all available arrangements4. One Song is chosen for all Instruments and classes5. Every Saturday new songs are chosen. From all participants of a class, one is chosen at random by Kaijn or fron.5.1 Every member should put the song he/she would choose in the Song Selection List5.2 Only 1 song per class will be selected and only custom DLC's with at least 1 arrangement for guitar and 1 arrangement for bass are allowed.5.3 You only need to change the song in the list if you are selected. If not, you can keep the same choice, or choose another, it's up to each one of you.5.4 On Saturday, if your name is picked and you didn't entered any song in the Song Selection List, another member will be chosen.6. Starting with the publication of the songs, you may enter your score.7. The scores are entered in the corresponding google doc: LeaderboardKaijin, Krazyone. richomat and afterdark take care of entering the scores.8. You may post a screenshot to prove your score but you don't have to. If another competitor doubts the score you have to prove it with a screenshot. Otherwise your score is deleted.9. Ranking is done by percentage first, then by Longest Streak.9.1 If you play LAS (Learn a Song), you percentage will be always, xx.00%, if you prefer SA (Score Attack), your percentage will always be xx.xx%.10. You may submit mastermode scores, but these won't be judged for the contest. Although the best masterscore will be honored separately.11. When you choose a custom song please specify the guitar arrangement you want to play.11.1 You may choose any song for your class as long as it's provided on the forums and has at least 1 arrangement for each instrument.11.2 Every song is up for discussion until Sunday around 23:00 UTC. If you think a song is to hard, please let us know in the thread, so we may discuss it.11.3 After Sunday 23:00 the songs are set and are not allowed to change.12. The contest closes the next Saturday around 18:00 UTC13. The winners are announced in the OP of the corresponding week's thread.14. Rules may change without notice. So watch out.[countdown]469514[/countdown]Beginner: Nirvana - Come as you areIntermediate: Muse - ResistanceMasterclass: Metallica - Unforgiven 3

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I have been trying to get my entry image uploaded, using Photo bucket as an online resource. Never had to use an on-line image storage site before.   I hope this code works finally.   Loved the son

Nope.   What is this outside of Rocksmith you speak of.

@@Kasnitch You may post a screenshot any time you want. There are no penalties here. If you can't join a given week or the songs are too difficult, we do not force anyone to participate. We are here t

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Come as you are:  66%

Resistance:  45%



If i dont manage to get alot better this week im going to level down one class lower then beginner. 

Better get those children songs ready for me next week.  :-P


Don't give up on this week.  I'm still pretty new too.  What's helped me so far is the accelerate feature.  I riff repeated the chords for about an hour starting at 40.  I'm still only able to keep up with them up until 70.  I'm going to spend some more time with them later.  Looking at your current percentage, I'm assuming that's the same area giving you a hard time.  You'll get it =)

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@@Smile I have used the riff repeater and to be honest I struggle at 50% speed :) good score by the way ;)


There is a cdlc of the unplugged version of this song which I found much more playable as a beginner (I voted for this song on the strength of that).  After watching a few live videos on youtube it seems Kurt plays more like the unplugged version when he plays live.  It seems there is a second guitarist on this song and I think this tab included both players which is why it is too difficult for me :D

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Hopefully I'll be able to post a score later in the week.  I had an issue yesterday where a chisel missed the wood it was supposed to be on and got my fingertip instead.  I need to give it a couple of days to heal up.


I did have a quick go at come as you are yesterday though and just could not play quickly enough.  The quickest I could play the main riff was between 90 and 95%.


When the finger is a little more healed I'll have another go.

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RR gave me nothing.  I cant play those cords even at 30% speed. So i just played score attack a little and only played the easy cords.


And there i noticed all the misses i got on the power cords. So i started to listen to what i played a bit more careful and figured that i was bending the power cords a little. Stupid d tuning is making the strings a lot looser. So i played it again with that knowledge in mind. 



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I know that tuning is tough and I was having difficulty with notes registering as well. I just switched strings on one of my guitars to a 10-46 gauge strings and that eliminated the problem i had with note recognition. If you play with light gauge strings you may have problems with note recognition. Keep that in mind and don't think its you as a player missing all the notes. D standard tuning sucks with light gauge strings. 

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