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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 20

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I have been trying to get my entry image uploaded, using Photo bucket as an online resource. Never had to use an on-line image storage site before.   I hope this code works finally.   Loved the son

Nope.   What is this outside of Rocksmith you speak of.

@@Kasnitch You may post a screenshot any time you want. There are no penalties here. If you can't join a given week or the songs are too difficult, we do not force anyone to participate. We are here t

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My Score which I think I won't be able to beat because don't have time :S



Take a look at my Workshop. You'll find which song I plan to create someday.


Please leave constructive feedback, it helps me creating better customs !

Please don't thanks with comment but with the button !



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I like playing in D standard. One of my floyd's are kept in D standard as well as my other remaining in E standard. Then I have my junk starter guitar for anything else. 


On topic:


Looks like I'll have to get a better score to get back on top :)

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Alright, after several weeks of saying I WILL post an image, I finally DO post an image. Of course, Muse is totally my kind of genre to play, besides blues rock, garage rock kinda stuff, so I hope to get this up to 95% later this week!


Had some serious struggles with strikes though, but RRed some parts until perfect, and I'm really happy with my first result!


Finally, totally messed up the pinch harmonics part, I can't do those that fast yet, there's the strike from.



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Oh yeah! this was my goal, now I will go up to 97%!


I really wonder why I got platinum for this, this wasn't perfect at all.. I thought you only got platinum for perfect playthroughs..


also, I got the perfect game (medium) and perfect game (hard) achievements for this.. I didn't even play medium.. or do you automatically unlock this achievement because if you do it perfect in hard, you'll do this too in medium?

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great job on these new scores guys. Thrallsa great score there, this song is very tough and anything over 75% in my eyes is a great score. @@Helderdje great % there man this song isn't easy either I am going to have to see if i can do better. Not sure about the platinum or perfect game achievement but hey I wouldn't complain lol. 


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