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  1. Hey i finally got some time, and improved my "Different World" CDLC. Better synch and tone. New download link available :)
  2. no, it doesn't work You are right MrCscn. ffsimaloos3r, this song doesn't appear in my song list either. In the toolkit when packing, what did you put uin the "Song Title Sort" and Artist Sort" fields? Hey, I read what you wrote, and I ran the song through the toolkit once more with added DD for lead guitar. The Link is in the descrition of the song page. Give that a go. Thanks.
  3. Hey, while I was struggling with the Satellite 15 (work in progress), I took some time to do " Different World " from the album " A Matter Of Life And Death ", for which i just need to do Dynamic Difficulty. http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/different-world-r2496
  4. On my way to 98% + :) http://postimg.org/image/zfjr5nz5r/
  5. Now the second score ... http://postimg.org/image/x5yy9i62p/
  6. This week will be very interesting. First score for this week. http://postimg.org/image/vkfhzpilj/
  7. Ok, so I looked at it and tried it, and it seems good. My work begins now!
  8. Thanks Berneer, I will check it out, and give it a go :)
  9. Do you have the tab for Satellite 15, because I can only find the tab for "The Final Frontier" part of the song. Thanks.
  10. Another Score for November Rain, 96% this time :) http://postimg.org/image/yi64ldzb9/ Not too long left of this week... Keep going everyone!!! :D
  11. It was quite hard work to get that additional 1%, but it's something... more to come later hopefully :) 95% - November Rain http://postimg.org/image/cyriss90f/
  12. It was indeed a hard song to make, and it was my first one so I was just getting to know all the programmes. But with some more time, making CDLC's shouldn't a problem.
  13. So I just uploaded the New Frontier, please try it out, and if you could, tell me anything that needs improving. Thanks.
  14. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I meant "New Frontier", as in the song from the Dance of Death album that is almost done. But that is no problem, I'll get started on Satellite 15 this tuesday too. :)
  15. Thank you, whole week to improve :D I love these championships, they motivate me to try harder, not to give up, and improve my guitar skills quicker. Thank you!!! :D
  16. Hopefully I can get to at least 98% this week ... Here's my score now... http://postimg.org/image/qg9xbppyh/
  17. I'm almost done with "New Frontier" and will be uploading it Monday or Tuesday... Just so you know :)
  18. Not that much improvement, but it's always something i guess... http://postimg.org/image/6s3708su1/
  19. that's because they're in the middle of those fast chords, when I do them outside a song I can easily achieve them. Very nice score man! I'll be attempting to beat it tomorrow. Exactly right, and that's where that red X always comes in for me... Very frustrating :/, but with a bit more practice it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks, and good luck :D
  20. New score for resistance... But the pinch harmonics are playing hard to get :( http://postimg.org/image/3uk7aah2h/
  21. So far 94% on resistance :) http://postimg.org/image/m0403a10v/
  22. Proof of my score for Blood Brothers on lead is in the link below... http://postimg.org/image/871yt5sxb/
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