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  1. Happy Birthday Szur!

  2. Happy Birthday Szur!

  3. This is my best Christmas gift :D I am so grateful for all work only thin that i miss from cdlc search is i have to refreshing every time i start page and i miss marking new songs since last visit but i can live without it so great work congrats Ok thats done sorry for that
  4. i had to drink this Saturday so couple of shots goes for Customforge community, couple for staff and last one for day one donators :mrgreen:
  5. I have noticed it today.... Shame on me :P Wysłane z mojego I9389 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  6. after finger i get injection into wrist so can't play this week sorry guys especially @@RevT2 but i'll return
  7. which list is major in this thread or in google spreadsheet? it has different song
  8. can we get something faster in masterclass ? i feel that it'll be score attack not accuracy
  9. 94% in first with paiful cut in middle finger... i think this week will be fighting with score
  10. Hi everyone i had only about 20 minutes but http://s30.postimg.org/omde9sw0x/week_23.jpg lowest streak bur highest % i hope next weak i'll have more time
  11. @@RevT2 my first attempt give me 81% ant i get one part level down.... so it won't be easy ;) but yesterday i needed to play something else. So Let the game begins good luck
  12. nice to have support :D good that we don't have money to share:P
  13. http://s4.postimg.org/8sdvoxadp/725_B62804_D8_DF0_CB59_E2_A478_A955128_AB6_A10387.jpgi almost get heart attack out there... so much pressure :-P next one - queen come on @@RevT2 you to
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