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  1. Complete not half arsed, And so it begins. :(
  2. I don't on a bass doesn't mean you shouldn't include it I include them in mine and people give feedback as to if its wrong or needs adjusting.
  3. Adding DD is a fucking 10 second step in the toolkit for the creator, Its a 5 min step for someone who downloaded it work it out for fuck sake it no 2 second job for someone who doesn't even know how to use the toolkit and for those who say if you can't play it why create it, I made a song I cannot play and it seems to be one of my best pieces of work (except for the tone :???:) so you cant say if you can't play then dont make it thats not what RS is about I am afraid.
  4. I'll bite my tongue I have said it before and I'll be fucked if I'll say it again.
  5. The approved section on SA was the reason I no longer wanted to be a Mod on there due to the approved section being changed for just any old shit goes in here regardless of how complete it was, If you are saying complete then mean it complete not missing anything.
  6. Dark as I sit in front of a 32" TV for my monitor and light themes blind me. :D
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