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  1. Happy Birthday Collision!

  2. Happy Birthday Collision!

  3. Happy Birthday Collision!

  4. R.I.P. Tommy http://s3.postimg.org/rfd5cunw3/ramones.jpg
  5. @"That is your choice Collision i said nothing which was meant to offend you or as a personal attack" - so why did you mention me twice in your post if it was not aimed at me?I thought you wanted us to highlight any issues with the songs when the list was made and the songs would be finalized later. Well I offered you my issues and you decided they are not important enough to consider. Maybe you were pissed off yesterday because the song that you chose was not suitable for the competition. I thought that as a moderator of the competition you would check each song before submitting them!And you ask why I do not submit to the song selection list. Do you really think a beginner should be selecting songs? .I think you are joking saying you want me to add songs to the list.@ "Who wants to find a possibility, who does not want to find reasons" I have no idea what you are saying :)
  6. I make a complaint about beginner songs being in not regular tunings or songs being 18 minutes long with no riff repeater. I will no longer participate if you think I am only here to complain. I will also not donate to this site anymore because of you. I see your post as a personal attack at me and that is offensive, I think you forgot what it is like to be a beginner.
  7. I don't think CustomsForge has been running for 31 weeks, but anyway it is disappointing that you allow the songs we found too uninteresting or got bored of playing to be part of the customsforge championship is a bit disappointing. We could have joined the Ubisoft forums to play these songs.
  8. It is a bit disappointing to me that on a website called CustomsForge two of the songs are songs already included in the game. People find this website because they want something other than the songs that are included with the game. Maybe they have already played the hell out of the included songs or they have no interest with them, to include them in the championship is a mistake in my opinion. Personally I have no interest in learning My Generation or I would have learned it before now. I think you are sending a message that the customs here are not good enough for the championship.
  9. @@ScottLP I had the same problem when I played with 9-42 strings, any tuning below Eb I could not get note recognition. I changed to 11-48 this week and the game has been fine at detecting notes in this tuning.
  10. I guess 98% is my limit this week, I can even make 98% in master difficulty but 99% just too much for me! http://s22.postimg.org/mie30v3s1/rocksmith1.jpg
  11. Another small improvement...maybe make 99% before the weekend if I stop making simple mistakes on power chords :) http://s28.postimg.org/jxbg1mpdp/rocksmith.jpg
  12. Tried score attack for a change today, small improvement. Thanks for the update @@Shiroo http://s16.postimg.org/636lybev9/rocksmith.jpg
  13. @ Thanks for the encouragement. It's true that I tend to play through a song once and decide if its to hard for me or not. My biggest gripe is that a lot of the time beginners songs are not in standard E tuning. This week for example I have to tune to Eb drop Db to participate and for lessons or arcade I need to be tuned to E. If I get maybe 1 or 2 hours to practice and I do not want to waste 10 minutes every time retuning for lessons and then another 10 minutes tuning for song. I tend to leave my guitar tuned for the song, Maybe it would be an idea to make beginner songs only E standard, or increase the beginner song from 1 week to 2 weeks?
  14. Tried again and actually made an improvement! Still can't do the ending though, 80% speed is ok 90% is hard and 100% my fingers and brain just give up lol. http://s16.postimg.org/vfdt5kshh/rocksmith.jpg @@Shiroo maybe the wrong place to ask this, but as you are the creator of this cdlc is it possible to add a few seconds silence at the start? I have to start playing almost immediately when I click to play, no time to prepare :)
  15. Well that's me for this week, 2 hours playing this song and I go down not up... I have no idea what it is asking me to do even at 50%. Think I should stop playing this championship, thought it would be motivating not demoralizing. http://s1.postimg.org/no5v8pxrj/rocksmith.jpg
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