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  1. I haven't been around lately as much as I'd like. I started a new job and the training has consumed most of my time. I voted against the 2-week schedule. Here's why: I don't see the competition about learning to master a song. With one or two weeks, this is a lofty goal. If you really care to master the song, you're going to do this with, or without, the competition. Adding the extra week offers no benefit to those that want to master the song. They already have the time. There are some that view it as a friendly competition and use that as motivation to play. Increasing the duration to two weeks decreases the frequency of the competition. These players lose something by the increase. There are players like me. I'm rather new to the guitar. I didn't come to the challenge to learn. I can do that with a variety of songs. I came because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. It introduced me to a new song each week that I wouldn't have looked at otherwise. Doing so, it ended up making me work on techniques I hadn't even thought about. It made me give new bands a chance. And, it added to my music library. Expanding to two weeks reduces these opportunities. You can learn any song you'd like without holding the competition back. Realistically, the competition is many things to many different people. There's only one group I can see that would benefit from extending the length, outside of organizers. That group already can enjoy their desired goal. If your intent is to master a song, that's a battle against yourself. It is not a battle against others.
  2. I don't think he realizes you removed DD
  3. http://www.peopleblow.com/rocksmith/week31-3.png more baby steps.
  4. 99.29% on master is pretty crazy, favorite song or not =)
  5. http://www.peopleblow.com/rocksmith/week31-2.png Baby steps. Baby steps.
  6. I dunno. Your first run was an 81%. If you start off 90% or higher, are you really going to LEARN anything from the song? Many of these songs we start off with a first attempt in the 60s and work our way up into the 90s. It's more gratifying to see progress than to start at the max level. If I start at the max level, the song is purely for fun rather than gaining anything from playing it.
  7. http://www.peopleblow.com/rocksmith/week31.png I'll take it as a first attempt. I've got time to get better this week.
  8. I should bring out my bass and give you someone to beat noony. It just sits on the wall =(
  9. Looking at the leaderboard, he was the only one to play either arrangement. I'd assume they'd have treated it differently otherwise. We don't get as many playing bass here.
  10. In all fairness, he's not wrong. You beat yourself up weekly for a variety of reasons. "This song is harder than last week so maybe I'm not cut out to play guitar." [After playing it several times] "I'm up to 90% on this song now!!" "I don't want to play this song because it's not in E-tuning." "I don't want to play another week of power chords." "I don't want to play this song that is in E-tuning because it's in the game and I'd have already learned it if I wanted to." The songs introduced in the Championship from CF generally aren't submitted just before they're introduced to the Championship. The same logic applies. You easily could have downloaded the song if you were interested in learning it prior. Personally, I've never played the Iron Maiden song before, but I plan to now that it's on the list. I fully understand not including a song on the list. I feel I'll learn more by trying things out of my comfort zone. Some weeks I like the songs. Others, I'm not so interested. But, it's a bit unfair of you to claim he's personally attacking you. He said nothing personal. If you believe you don't complain about songs as often as he claims, go back through the threads to see your first couple of posts. RR not working is a valid issue for a song you're trying to learn on max difficulty. Not enjoying the tuning really isn't. Songs are in different tunings for legitimate reasons. It's going to happen. If the Championships restrict the song selection to solely E-tuning songs, we lose a LOT of potential songs. You're honestly one of my favorite people in this competition after the first couple pages of the week's thread. In the first couple pages, you've got such a defeatist attitude. After that, I like watching you grow. Stop letting the little things faze you so much. Look at how excited you were last week with a song that you were beating yourself up over early in the week. You've had enough of these experiences by now that you should be able to see the struggles are worth the end result.
  11. Appreciate it. I guess it'd help if I checked for updates. The 2.3 version of the ToolKit wasn't quite as friendly for removing DD =)
  12. Is there an easy way to remove DD from these? I'm noticing you both have the DD-free version. DD is generally more hassle than help in the Championships.
  13. http://www.peopleblow.com/rocksmith/week30-1.png I think this is about as good as I'm going to get this week. I wish I had started earlier in the week.
  14. Given the conversation here, I'd suggest allowing upward mobility for players. Falling short three weeks in a row should allow a player to drop a difficult level if they wish, but not force a drop. Let's use myself as an example. I moved to intermediate after scoring >99% on "I Miss the Misery" and generally play 80-95% in intermediate. If I had a few bad weeks and was eligible to drop to beginner, I'd still remain at Intermediate. Beginner songs don't push me as hard so I'm not likely to learn as much. If this decision means my score is weaker, it doesn't hurt any of the others in Intermediate. While we are a community, we are ultimately an "individual sport." This slight change allows people that feel they are over their head to drop back down a level while still encouraging people to push themselves. It also allows those in the lower class to have an easier time competing for a top spot if someone opts not to drop down.
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