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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 105


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-= Week 105 =-

- lets mf go!!! -


READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships
Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules

Last weeks winners:

Beginner: @franfit
Intermediate: @@MonstaS4
Advanced: @albatross213
Masterclass: @@Nacholede
Beginner: :( - loose trophy, anyone????

Intermediate: @albatross213
Advanced: @N/A
Masterclass: @fiddlesticks

Beginner: :( - anybody wants a loose trophy ????
Intermediate: :(
Advanced: @@Psymanski
Masterclass: @albatross213

Congrats to all the winners.



Honorably Mentions to

@@Psymanski - esp well done with a 100 win! and also @@2groggy for 100´s on bass.

@albatross213 for the tripplewin (!)


Videos by



- did i miss any????


The songs for this week are:


...Oldschool meets Newschool and RNG (still) likes to tune down...


Lead Path:
Beginner: Black Sabbath - God is Dead? (3) (chosen by @Motive )
Intermediate: A Day To Remember - Plot To Bomb The Panhandle (6) (chosen by @Shiroo )
Advanced: Ghost - Secular Haze (8) (chosen by @pijawa2000 )
Masterclass: Iron Maiden - The Duellists (9) (chosen by @albatross213

Rhythm Path:
Black Sabbath - God is Dead? (3)
Intermediate: A Day To Remember - Plot To Bomb The Panhandle (5)
Advanced: Iron Maiden - The Duellists (7)

Masterclass: Ghost - Secular Haze (9)

Bass Path:
Beginner: Black Sabbath - God is Dead? (3)
Intermediate: A Day To Remember - Plot To Bomb The Panhandle (4)
Advanced: Ghost - Secular Haze (6)
Masterclass: Iron Maiden - The Duellists (9)

Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).



Want something new.... ????

Well ... here comes:




From time to time i am gonna put songs in for extra challenge from about 6-12 months ago in the weeks that i am to start. Songs that have been great, songs with a lot of competitors, songs a week just was not enuff...


so starting with


week 44´s - Metallica  - Jump in the Fire.(Chosen by @ScottLP)


the former competitors scores are there in the table - so if you wanna check your progress give it another try and kick your own score or just take the extra challenge to play an extra song competition-wise.


Rules? - no Rules! Rules are for church guitarists!

#Everybody is welcome to post his score!

#No awards, no points, no nothing, just fun!


If you have an extra song you wanna play again - let me know, and in general be verbose about the idea!



Don´t forget to compete in our running Exercise!

Exercise: Blues Comping 1 in A major shuffle
Honorable list Diehard Member: (draft - to be updated for the week)

Honorable list FreeBird Member:
Participating as a FreeBird, without a class  ;)

P.s. Please, see changes in Championship Class Lists!


Have a great week!

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http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2n6uki0&s=8#.Viuf-OxsiG4 At first play, it can be hard a little bit :)


http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1zwggvk&s=8#.ViugSexsiG4I'm not a big fan of Drop C tunning and that's show up in the picture


http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=w1tw81&s=8#.ViugbOxsiG5I searecd this for an hour in the the learn a song section,Worth it :D


http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=dbi82d&s=8#.ViugLuxsiG4 Realy fun song to play



Well, i didn't play it very well ,but i tried my best  :)   Awsome song selections BTW.

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My Customs


The reasons why most of my customs are not updated yet:

1.)I'm lazy to do it because I have no motivation for it

2.)I'm not at my computer

3.)I'm working on a song that I haven't made it yet

4.)I don't have any song to work on it




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It´s a pitty but your first two screens ar invalis -


- Besides the Acc the Streak has to be visible

- You may not get downleveled for a valid score!

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First attempts (at least in a while...) on each one:


Beg bass: This is a 3? Really? While most of it isn't too bad, there's some pretty tricky stuff interspersed into the song (and under the solo, where I wasn't paying attention, lost fret hand position, and missed a bunch of notes).


Int bass: Pretty easy as there's not much beyond a little shifting. Wasn't really sure why it stuck to the low string so much, other than that the guitars probably do given the drop tuning. I'd rate "God is Dead?" above this in difficulty.


Adv bass: Chorus was pretty tricky the first time through, but by the third time I got the hang of it. Some really big and fast shifts, which were the main source of difficulty for me.


Jump in the Fire bass: Seems like one of the more boring Metallica songs on bass. Seems like it should be good fun on guitar, though.


MC bass:


The hard parts aren't quite as hard as I remembered them being, but they're still pretty hard at full speed. Probably would change my difficulty rating to an 8.



Anyway, if you notice anything off or anything that can be improved in The Duellists, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I noticed a minor mistake in the hard bass riff under the first melodic harmony. The sooner you let me know the more likely I'll be able to fix it before this week is over!

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My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
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Beg lead. Definitely could have played better if I was focused on it, but I still think this song seems pretty difficult for beginner. It's not as hard as the bass chart, but there's still some pretty tricky stuff in spots.


Adv lead: Attempt 1, attempt 2, attempt 3 (not pictured, but worse than attempt 2 despite doing some RR on the arpeggio bit in between I think because I was daydreaming during the verses and screwing up all of that), then...


attempt 4! This felt pretty good, but by this point I'm starting to feel like I could do a lot better. There's not really any part of the song that I shouldn't be able to play at a 90%+ accuracy with some practice. Lots of shifting, a few weird chords (that I think could be charted in an easier fashion), and arpeggios with a string skip. It all takes some getting used to, but none of it feels impossibly hard.


Also, the first few times I played this I was like "Yes! The solo is here! Now I can actually get a streak going!". I feel like this is going to be one of the only songs rated 8 or above I'll ever say that about.


Edit: Forgot to say that I tried Jump in the Fire on guitar and it's much better than on bass. Not yet to the point where I feel confident about a full playthrough, but I'm getting the chorus riff down. Since it uses more than two strings, I naturally suck at it.

Edited by albatross213
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My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
Join us at the Rocksmith Championship!

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Got a head start on this week's Advanced, what with all the being obsessed with Ghost I did last week:




This is off the album I like the least, but it's one of the best tracks on it. Got a cool 3/4 thing going that gives it an eerie carnival feel. Because so much of it is crazy octave chord sustains all over the neck, it's kind of tricky to score well on, but I think it's a pretty simple Advanced song on the whole.

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  • Moderator

@@Nacholede :P


Your guitar wasnt working though, so im not counting that :P xD, like I said, May, I'm coming back in full force, because I will have just graduated college, and ready to rule the world \m/

Good old days from school :D i graduated 2 years ago, and now i'm studying in a university, getting old sucks 

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Hey summer 2016 is gonna be 20th anniversary from school graduation and my university start was 96/97 - that sounds like a lifetime away, feels like yesterday - aaarrgh.


@Nev, great to hear you are gonna be back full force ;)

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First try adv rhy... (real first was for quality and diff check for the selection)

Lots of fun

and tapping practice - yeah - really needed



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uhhh great song!


Back in w44 wouldnt have dared to touch a MC song....



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Quite happy here with my squier mini




i think at home with the ESP 95 should be doable...

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I feel dirty now:






(It's the first time I've picked up a guitar in about 10 years, and it feels and sounds like a banjo - probably because I'm not being to picky (no pun intended) about which string(s) I'm plucking… lol)


There.  That's better:




This is not an easy bass song.  Definitely a four or five I would say...

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A song "God is dead" have very slow temp, so everething thats needed, it a bit RR, there no complicated technique and chords. (Only mini solo in the end is really hard for beginners). My rate there 3.5, it hard for beginners and very easy for intermediate.

My score:


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Almost every time I've played this song, I kept feeling like I was getting at least 95. It took me doing it in Score Attack to figure out why - I get super bad recognition issues if I play the chorus the way it's meant to be played. If I sustain every note in the chord like in the song, almost every single note on the A string gets missed. If I mute before each note, it recognises fine, but then it ruins the riff. :(

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Gamut now active again on Youtube!

Gamut on Twitch

Gamut on Twitter

Gamut Customs


Come join us in the Rocksmith Championship!

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Adv Bass: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542093361


Lovely song to play on bass :) I've committed a lot of it to memory so hoping to even master mode it. I like the "all over the neckness" , sweet tune to listen to too :)

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 Mortalo, on 11 Feb 2015 - 11:36 AM, said:

Ok, because of poor results and overall lack of skill @NoonyDeloony gets downgraded to Advanced. She would be forever remembered as shameful person... and then she'll make another charming video and we'll forget about that.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoonyDeloony/videos

Twitching bass unskillfully, here: https://www.twitch.tv/noonydeloony


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