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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 93


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Oh, it just gets better...


I'm upstairs in bed browsing t'internet on my Kindle, when I hear a loud crash and thud from downstairs.


I'm on my own, so I'm wondering who has broken into my house but manage to muster enough courage to eventually creep downstairs only to find that my RBX170 has detached itself from the wall.


Not much damage apparent, but we'll see when I try to play it tomorrow. It's the only bass I have here at the moment as well. So if it's not working, I truly am f###ed. :(

I'm so sorry. I hope she is ok!

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The good news is my bass is only a little scratched and is playing just fine.


The really good news is:



but the question is, will it be good enough to get me fourth place again, what with all the last minute scores, and all…? :-p

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Ups and downs this week - here is my contribution:



Bass (Adv) - Really fun and crazy. I didn't like the fingering in some parts and had to learn them by heart.





Rythm (Int) - I have problems with Rocksmith registering my strumming. I gave up on this one. I did, however, discover a new band and listened to their whole album - a great band!





Lead (Int) - loved the solo!




Tomorrow will I play multiplayer with a friend - maybe "Monsters" will be on the agenda....  :D



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Problems with Rocksmith registering? Don't bother - remember the wise words of Yngwie Malmsteen:


"Use your ears; If it sounds good, then it is good!"

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@@solservo sorry mate, but looks like you might have too ! 


You just need to get 2 or fewer misses to better my score, you can do it !


There 1976 notes so he can make 5 misses, @@solservo it is chance much better than two  :lol: And it seems somewhere in my subconscious I don't want go to MC, the result is scores below:



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Rocksmith 2014 Championship
Song selection
Class List


Signature stolen with minimal changes from @MaZtoR :)

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I'm back from my trip to some distant convention centre that looks like every other convention centre.  It was like starting from scratch again on Monsters bass and whatever that beginners bass song is called.  I have them back up to over 97%.  I'll improve them and post screen shots tomorrow.

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Here are my scores:


Advaned Lead: 93 %

Last week, Blind Guardian really got me working on that solo... but this one I didn't even start learning... no chance at all^^



Advanced Rhythm: 98.17 %

Really not that difficult, mostly a matter of endurance :-)



Masterclass Bass: 96.48 %

Somehow I thought Iron Maiden was Advanced in all paths...


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Check out my easy tutorial on how to add a metronome to your CDLC: Mute the original music, play only with the metronome and find out how good you really sound! Also: Find CDLCs that have the metronome enabled!


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My ideas for new features in Ignition, e.g. filters for Multitrack CDLC and Metronome CDLC.

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here are some scores:
muffin man bass

http://i62.tinypic.com/28bth5h.png (lovely song)


muffin lead (very hard, gonna take a lot of RR to master for me)



and just for the funs, don't look to the eyes of a stranger on bass and lead




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I have tied myself three damn times on Don't Look To The Eyes of a Stranger, and two of those times were after extensive RR on the solo.  :rolleyes:


But this is coming along:



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Gamut now active again on Youtube!

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Come join us in the Rocksmith Championship!

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@@lordlk Yup, you're where you where.


Great scores at Advanced classes. You're putting on a show there. Really fun to watch.

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Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

T-Rex Interactive | Box Kid Adventures

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