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  1. I were having this problem on my LP-like guitar. Sometimes even new strings break after one-two weeks. I can recommend 4 things: take .11 gauge set -- it's really hard to break clean strings everytime after playing by wrapping strings with cloth and moving across the whole length of string, don't only clean it from the visible side buy this thing -- it makes string feel like new for a month and increase their life by 2-3 times if you have two part bridge -- with an actual bridge and a second thing to just hold strings (Les Paul-like), you should level with screews the string-holding thing to be a bit lower than bridge. That way strings don't bend too much on saddles, decreasing tension at the point. Somebody says this will also increase sustain
  2. Some score updates... Have I missed something special here for being busy for 30 last weeks? http://i.imgur.com/zwNmwP6.jpg
  3. I'm back to you guys! I were playing for backing tracks almost an year till the moment and were trying to learn songs by heart to play without rocksmith, but realized that only championship can make me play not that 10-15 songs I were playing all the time :) http://i.imgur.com/ZK9OeF0.jpg Before playing I weren't expecting to score so much on the song consisting of chord staff (cuz playing metal a lot doesn't makes you to do this crazy finger positions)
  4. +2 percent and no crosses -- that is update ;) http://i.imgur.com/HtSKbxE.jpg
  5. Some offtopic, but everybody should get to the main metal lesson in the end of this video.
  6. Another muting-bending hell...http://i.imgur.com/FwSABVn.jpg PS: changed tuning to Estd(440) without changing anything else. Just to not retune everytime.
  7. @@MaZtoR I agree, I hope I didn't sound paranoid! I'm here because I believe this friendly competition helps me in the road of being the best guitar player I can be. Competition is perfect method of push forward you skills, but in a chase of big percents in table don't forget to listen how you sound, cuz there a lot of little cheats based on rocksmith note detection: not playing mutes or pinch harmonics, especially bad situation with triplet rhythm, sometimes you can play it like tremolo picking and rocksmith won't notice problems, also sometimes it allows to pick sustained notes much later than needed and etc. etc. So don't forget you are playing guitar, not a video game and treat rocksmith as an interactive tabs with a little help on notes detection. And don't forget to learn some songs by heart and play them without rocksmith at all + same with jamming along backing tracks in internet (makes you hear music and learn scale shapes along the neck).
  8. In my nightmares I see how I browse RSCS forum thread, look at MC Lead and it is G-std tuning... I wanted to take a few hours today to convert that D-std Gloryhammer to dropD (as I've done some time ago with Sigh - Corpsecry), but new song is C-std!!
  9. Again D tuning on MC? You might be kidding... Twice I have tuning from D to E back I've broken six string :(
  10. Getting the last it's possible to get out of me. Can play everything on 95%, but first speedy part only at 90 and second speedy part only at 85 percent of speed... It isn't very comfortable to play on high frets of Les Paul typed guitar: distance between frets is small + fingers are placed somekind under angle to freatboard (cuz neck is really wide there) makes me often to occasuanly mute high strings with fretting hand, and string action is much bigger.http://i.imgur.com/qQ7eY1L.jpg
  11. My submission goes... Were training this all this week, now can play it with a small amount of mistakes only at 80 percent of speed. At 100 I simply get lost in speed and miss everything possible in this two shred parts... http://i.imgur.com/zNvyGkT.jpg
  12. Megadeth again... I am not big fun of them and their trash stuff makes my fingers hurt without a lot of satisfaction for my ears. Hope, next week we will skip to another genre...
  13. Some improvement. http://i.imgur.com/dUJ9oVz.jpg
  14. http://i.imgur.com/Y7ZgFTj.jpg I don't think that song is difficult enough for 10 points, I think it should be 9. Don't have time learning song a lot as I like (70-80 plays by a song), so don't expect me to show crazy scores.
  15. And it seems somebody duplicated @@Mortalo score from adv-lead to MC-lead
  16. Foooh, that song... it is sounds and played such way that my tomorrow morning won't be good, my head, both hands are all in pain. Window were closed in the room, and it was a first time when my mind came moody cuz there were no air to breath: I were playing like a mad. In result I've managed to improve a score by only one percent, but were missing big part of solos as I still have no six string on guitar. http://i.imgur.com/rs6QIdQ.jpg
  17. It is going fine, this semester was a hard one, but I've managed with all of the deals. I've bought a guitar to be able to play in university campus, haven't installed rocksmith and were focused a lot on learning songs: now I can play a bunch of Judas Priest tunes by memory with only backing track ;) Also I found playing along youtube backing tracks much more enjoyable than rocksmith jam mode, advice everyone to try tracks from this channel. I've broken sixth string yesterday on my guitar, so I suppose my next score submission will be next year :)
  18. Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am back to the challenge for this one or two holiday weeks. http://i.imgur.com/la35g0H.jpg
  19. Whoa! So many beautiful scores and new players here. I have no guitar in university dormitory and miss championship a lot... Really need to buy another guitar here.
  20. ? And I got 99% with 718 streak :P If there is about 2000 notes, so it means @ made at lest 2 mistakes (unless he will have bigger streak). It is possible your, @@Mortalo, has made 3 or more mistakes but with higher streak. And I have some update for today. http://i.imgur.com/8O4jMaf.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Z1IyQYM.jpg PS: @@then3verend Happy Birthday and keep rocking hard! Edit: Again I've pasted screen on wrong canvas place in Paint for the first screenshot...
  21. My studying starts from the Monday, so I have this coulple of days to submit some scores. The first: I've started with Iron Maiden, were playing it and wondering why it is Rhythm?? there were melodies and so on, than a solo in the end... Appeared I forget to switch to Rhythm :P http://i.imgur.com/UC4Et39.jpg Then I switched and played Rhythm a bit and it sounds really cool for me. That the song from the series I like, but a bit too long for me. Will leave it in my collection after this week. And it seems the solo is the only thing that allowed this song be in MC, I haven't tried to learn it (I even still haven't heard the song without me playing...), but the overall difficulty for this seems on level with Adv Lead of Week 93 (was Iron Maiden too). http://i.imgur.com/v5m9cxQ.jpg And about MC Lead, I really like how my guitar sounds on my almost clean presets and the song is kinda relaxing and funky. I agree with @@then3verend there is nothing impossible in it (like the tapping section in Sylosis previous week), but I am not a fun of bends, cuz you may notice I like to train songs a lot by playing many times and doing such amounts of bends more than 5-6 times is dangerous for my fingers. http://i.imgur.com/JJuad76.jpg
  22. Woooooooh, adding a tiny bit of challenge for you, @@then3verend. Tomorrow is busy day for me so it looks like the last update on that beautiful song... :crying_cat_face: http://storage1.static.itmages.ru/i/15/0828/h_1440802943_9653302_b70df463ed.png
  23. I am absolutely sure that you are capable of getting 95% just focusing on everything except fast tapping-sweeping part. And I am really don't understand how @@then3verend is passing SA without crosses and not getting 96+, I even don't want to hear what I am playing during that solo part... from my side it looks like I'm getting mad doing two-three sloppy sweeps than like a crazy doing tapping (and really at that place I am already absolutely out of rhythm), than my brain turns on again, I see how I already missed all this hammers on 19 fret, brain turns off: I play some more hammers and I'm getting back to the reality when I've missed 2-3 notes of the easy post-solo part and having 2-3 crosses.
  24. Amazing how human memory works, last played two days ago, managed to make a bunch of tries today and passed lead without booed with 3 strikes from the first try (two days ago I can't do it for 10 tries). The only problem: I played some my favorite songs and get much worse results ;) It seems for me to play things right necessary to repeat all the stuff everyday at least once... http://i.imgur.com/5NbZpQu.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mD1WHq8.jpg
  25. I don't know what was leveled down, all parts except those have columns have only one difficulty. And before playing I always choose whole song and set difficulty to 100. I will try next time make SA scores.
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