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  1. Nice and good job, Here's two of my favs learning ressources : https://www.mylespaul.com/forum/luthiers-corner.26/ https://www.youtube.com/user/CrimsonCustomGuitars/videos
  2. This project looks awesome. Can't wait to see the evolutions.
  3. RS have a big selling potential as a learning tool, for me it's clearly the best but who have already seen RS for sell in guitar shops ?
  4. I've found one old thread, but full of interresting informations related to Multitracks and why it's better to use already perfectly done RB/GH rips as a starting point: The third Way to Chart Customs (With Guitar Hero/Rockband/PS/Frets on fire templates): http://customsforge.com/topic/2882-the-third-way-to-chart-customs-with-guitar-herorockbandpsfrets-on-fire-templates/
  5. I've got some very good news guys: BY REMOVING AUDIO EXCLUSIVITY YOU CAN HAVE YOUTUBE STILL RUNNING IN BACKGROUND. I've not tried with the MOD yet, but it should work: using the win key to switch between RS and Windows/Youtube play/pause. We'll just have to mute Youtube. Can you please test if it works fine with the MOD ? (I've use win 7 and Firefox). Is it necessary to keep OBS running to enable the mod ? I've never play RS without audio exclusivity and i can't try it today (hope everything is still ok (no lag or sound cracks etc..). Thanks ZagatoZee for your work and the files, can't wait.
  6. I'll try this towards the end of the year, i have too much woodwork to do (planed for all this summer). can't wait to run vids in the background on Rocksmith, it will change the playing experience in a very very good way. It's amazing you've been able to link RS to one external program medias, this will allow to store the vids out of RS. Great Job
  7. Sorry, i've made a mistake between RS 2k12 & 2k14. (I've probably installed 2k12 in french & 2k14 in english)
  8. Keyboard type is link with in RS language: French is AZERTY EN/US is QWERTY
  9. United Breaks Guitars Video:
  10. I force myself to drink water for muscles. I don't play the same song more than 2-3 times, it seems to me that the exact same chords/exact same fingers position repeated too much causes stress on nerves/muscles and lead to pain. you may progress slower, but in the end if you've got serious injury you'll completely stop. I warmup with 1-2 songs i master at 85/90% mini, then i can switch on more difficult songs and play several hours without pain. I know when i have to calm down (when you play a long fast BPM section and you feel the muscles heating and the number of notes you hit sudenly start to decrease as the heat increase). In this case i play another song and if it happens on another song, i stop playing guitar for the day. following those rules allow me to play 4h or more if i want, but i stop if i feel something bad even if i've only play few song and i would like to continue. I've never play more than 7h the same day with little pauses here and there.
  11. I didn't have to repair any guitar cable for now, so it's good to know. (I'm electrician).
  12. I have 3 cables, bought with a physical copy of the game at 50% each time (my contribution). All of them are from the 1st RS, they all works fine. A cable (all kinds) should never be stretched, twisted, wrapped etc.. or it will break (1st the copper inside & after the insulation). If you travel/stock any kind of cable try to shape it this way (not twisted and with a round shape and a decent diameter ): http://csimg.webmarchand.com/srv/FR/29026845107634/T/340x340/C/FFFFFF/url/couronne-100-metres-cable.jpg this advice is available for cellphone chargers, usb etc.. As the electronic seems strong, it should be easy to repair it with a classic electric guitar cable cut in half or the jack plug alone* as most of the time it should break towards the jack plug (where there's an angle due to the cable weight). This jack is not molded, the back can be removed to solder the plug (cost 3€ for 10 plugs..). Alex360 reported some problems with this kind of jack though.
  13. It's always easier to give the exact position & move faster the fingers of your usual hand. try to move as fast as possible your fingers & simulate chords positions on left hand & do the same on right hand. as you've already played guitar since a while it's not as visible as someone who have never played. you have far more dexterity on the fingers of your usual hand. When you play guitar what is the hardest ? hiting strings or adopting the right finger's placement on the strings ? I think it's finger's placement, playing with a right hand guitar while your lefty gives you an advantage according to me. You'll win a lot of speed but you'll lose the dexterity for chords (& it will be hard to reach your actual level). I've start guitar hero with my brother (a lefty) he plays like a right handed, his progression curve was at least 10x faster than mine. Besides it gives Lefty's more choices when you buy right hands guitars. Everybody plays this way there must be a reason, but honestly the only advantage i can see is more speed & precision on the pickup hand.
  14. "...from live capture" Whao impressive, "Is anyone able to point me to the right files to alter so my "green screen effect" works while playing?" Sorry i don't know wich files to alter for this. Hope we'll can use VLC or obs as a video player in background (it wouldn't require to psarc the big videos files in RS), maybe using the windows key to switch from RS to obs & change the videos when wanted. I've seen a"Video source plugin": Add video files and other media as sources (files supported by VLC should work).
  15. Frack, How can you change note recognition ? try to find it and didn't.Thanks It's in riff repeater options (error tolerance), so it's supposed to only affect it but when i play a DD song (without entering riff repeater mode) it seems easier to register the notes. http://s30.postimg.org/e8w9g24cx/Rocksmith2014_2015_02_28_18_34_03_106.jpg But If i play in SCORE ATTACK mode, every errors leads to a Cross.
  16. For my part i only use DD, the engine now knows my average skill & put every new songs i play at least at 50% before i start. Playing only with DD makes you familiar with the native game speed & allow you to match the notes/chords position easily. I've set the note recognition to easy to speed up the levelling system. When i play a hard song without DD, i Slow my play rhythm voluntary missing notes. & the next time i play the song i can see my progress in %. I play Rocksmith like i used to play Guitar Hero & Rockband (like a video game (i think it's more fun) & not like a song learning tool).
  17. There's 2 different things : - Strings action(height of the strings) (adjusted with the Green arrows) Fix the fret buzz / make the way to play your guitar more comfortable. - Intonation (adjusted with the Pink arrows) Fix the intonation problem only (When guitar sounds wrong) (harmonic must sound the same as 12th fret). More typical Sheme for intonation (with common nut) is 6 sadles top (see Blue drawing) aligned in oblic continuous line (there's 3+3 too). Every guitar have a different "pink line" angle according to guitar scale but it's the overall idea. Your red arrowed sadle needs adjustment & needs to be in the aligned pink position (only the overal angle could differ a little). ------------------------------------- If you set your Strings action, release the string tension on all stings first (this will lower the strenght applied on the bridge etc..). http://s21.postimg.org/lr5pkbvyv/2jg81zm.jpg http://s21.postimg.org/izmftpxg7/jqj2fa.jpg
  18. I doubt my experience could be used in this case , as it was on win 98 & Fofix, i exploited a bug to render videos background as it was not possible to do it in the game's options. Here's what i posted in 2012: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ""Fofix 3.120 Video Background Win XP ONLY Several years ago i've discovered a usefull Bug in fofix 3.120 but only with win XP. A particular black - grey color is not rendered in plein color, it's transparent ! So If you've got VLC running behind fofix, on the windows desktop, you could see the video though Fofix !! your video could be in any format, if vlc can read it, you'll see it in fofix. You Must use this particular Background in order to make this work: http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r151/Frack2/Fofix%20Mod/stage.png the only problem is the alpha channels (half transparency) is no more rendered and you'll have a plein color when it's supposed to be semi transparent. As I'm using Windows 7 now i'm no more using this tips (it seems that win 7 don't allow 2 applications to work at the same time this way.) PS: I don't know if it still work with the news VLC you have to try."" http://www.fretsonfire.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=56080&p=607484#p607484 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a perfect mod as it was using VLC for video treatment (low ressources used) & you've had the possibility to let your video folder out of the game & on another HDD. It was working perfectly. I doubt it could be used with RS but it may give ideas ?
  19. I've check the installer with Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, & there was nothing wrong with it. (I've never encountered any false positive with Kaspersky Internet Security since 2009) you should do a full system scan to be sure, your os may being infected before you download this file. Do you have the 2016 rev ?
  20. 1-You should set your guitar in playing position (90°) flipped 2-hit the strings with a pick instead of pulling them (too) strong (if you do that with other guitars they will buzz too). (the 1st up/down movement of the strings when they're hit with a pick must be parallel to the body) (there's almost twice more space between your strings than between your string & your frets). Then follow the GetTheLedOut advices.
  21. Charters/Devs have followed the 2014 game, if/when 2014 Dlcs disappear too, it will be because we've moved to 2016.... (It's not sad it's great to enjoy the enhancements/fixes of 2k14) It's Evolution. Besides almost all the RS1 songs have been ported to 2k14 now.
  22. The learning curve is not straight, there's periods of progress, some others without any improvements and some where you think you've regress, it's normal & it's the case for everybody. If you're tired or not motivated you don't progress as quickly. --------------------------------------- There's 2 way to play RS with DD only or with Riff R. - Playing only with DD is more fun & show your progress as you'll play % so you can clearly see any improvements. - Playing only with RR. is more on the technical side, you may be able to play the song but did you really enjoy the song itself or are you bored because you've play sections 10X. I play with DD maybe more like a video game (kind of RB or Guitar Hero) than a learning tool, but i preserve the pleasure witch is the essential for me.
  23. Be sure to check tests on the web as there was some changes in the Yamaha philosophy too since i bough everything. 2nd hand is a good idea, if you've got the possibility it may be a better choice to buy it in a pawn shop or something similar (it's easier to return it in case of problems, maybe not as easy with Ebay).
  24. THX certified system are great for computer speakers. as for hifi system the best way is to LISTEN BEFORE YOU BUY or at least read some tests on the web. --------------------------------------- the hifi phylosophy is totally different from a guitar or bass amp, the guitar or bass amp is dedicated (the frequency range (in Hz) is usually limited to the guitar / bass). While a Hifi is supposed to render all the sounds a human hear can hear (from very high 20/40Khz to very low20/40 Hz) if it's a good hifi system without any differences. With a guitar or bass amp, The differences you add or remove create your sound. With a hifi system you can reproduce/render any kind of a guitar or bass amp sound while it's impossible to render all the hifi frequency range with a guitar or bass amp. The decibels (dB) a system can restitue is important too, it's as important as the power value (watts), it represent the felt power. This parameter is true in both a guitar or bass amp & hiifi. The decibels is what makes a 10w guitar or bass amp feels more powerfull than a 20w one. (the only trusted watt value is given in Watts RMS (as watts Max is at least the half of the RMS value, it's a commercial catcher, as this value represent the maximum power the system can produce without any consideration for quality (crappiest song the system can produce before beeing destroyed). in hifi the more you push the volume (after 4/5e of your system max volume), the less the rendered sound is pure & goes worst & worst (hifi saturation). -------------------------------------------- With hifi to enhance the Stereo effect i recommend to enlarge the distance between the speakers, this will give you a far better effect. With the speakers turned towards you (because the high & middle frequencies are directives).(while a subwoofer can be hidden anywhere else in the same piece. ------------------------------------------- To test the system before bying i used a CD or .Flac or .Wav (not .MP3). To test the middle frequencies/rendering: The pure voice of Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam /Chris Martin - Coldplay /Amy Wynehouse or Evanescence Voice + Piano + Metal sound. Techno/acid trance For the serious Bass & High frequencies. -------------------------------------------- I've got one old Yamaha RX-V 595RDS 5.1 system 20-20 kHz - 96Db - 0.04% THD 70WRMSx5 http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/stereo-receivers/rx-v595_black__u/http://www.fein-hifi.de/images/product_images/original_images/348_0_rx_v595a.jpg Front:2x olds Davis Val de Marne SII: 95dB - 100W RMS - 40-22Khz?http://muzah.free.fr/hifi/davis/davisValDeMarne.jpg Back: 2x Cabasse ENC 1200 : 69-22Khz - 75W RMS - 91dBhttp://img2.leboncoin.fr/images/b56/b5667c3580106900819d706704359c4bffd5747c.jpg I'm not using the 5.1 function, i use 2x2 instead. as those Davis are punchy on Low & mids & the Cabasse are very clean/subtil on high & mids.
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