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  1. No worries , I just found it. You can delete this post if you want mods
  2. Just curious if it's possible to mute the audio track in EOF and just listen to the claps or midi notes
  3. Awesome work dude :) Whoops , double post due to excitement
  4. Have you ever tried to be funny and fail , this is one of those times :( I think I might have Aspergers :D I mean the default tone in EoF with a (D) I have no idea about dummy tones ??? maybe this issue was fixed before I started making customs. What I said earlier only applies to 3 tone changes but only two tones. Your mark the 2nd & 3rd tone change. Which ever tone you choose as default (D) is the starting tone.
  5. Dude your wasting valuable seconds putting a tone at the start. As I said earlier and Firekorn reiterated the default tone always starts first. I reckon it takes you about 2 seconds per song to put the first tone in , that's a minute saved with 30 songs , an hour with 1800 songs and a whole day with 33200 songs :P
  6. You cant switch off a tone , only change it. A tone starts wherever you place it on the chart. Lets say you have a song that has an acoustic intro but then changes to distortion for a bit and finally back to acoustic for the ending. The way I would do it is find the place where the distortion starts and insert a tone name just before the tone starts , lets call it "Distort". Then I would find where the distortion changes and insert a tone name just before the acoustic tone starts , Lets call it "Acoustic". Then go to the list of names of tones and make "Acoustic" the default , A track starts
  7. I know it's the short story but you missed pull out hair , bang head against wall and swear profusely at monitor ;)
  8. CTRL+I would have been the key combination that toggled the display of the info panel off. Thanks dude , bloody cat , it's not the first time it tried to sabotage me , it's managed to move all notes on 1 bar before.
  9. I did this the other day, drove me demented trying to figure it out :lol: In preferences (Edit Menu), top left, 4 down "Hide Info Panel". Untick it. Sweet. Thanks. It's not something I look at or use but it's true what they say "You don't know what you have till it's gone" :D
  10. Not a big problem but my cat was helping me chart yesterday and it pressed a key or combination of keys that turned the info window grey and I cant change it back. Like I said not a big problem as I dont use it.
  11. I have a few questions that I think other users may have ( could be wrong , it might just be me ). Are you asking for money that will be donated back to the site when you have it ? If it is not , what benefit does a user get from you going to Magfest? I'm not trying to be funny or provocative , Just trying to clear up some questions I have. Also I think you would get a better result if you sent private messages to all users asking for a donation of $1 towards your goal , if only 5% donate you'd have your goal and then some.
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