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  1. Found my own answer... I didn't realize you could just delete the profile and remake it. Problem solved.
  2. I see discussion of things like corrupted save game files. I don't have that problem, but this means there is a local save game (vs. in the cloud at Ubisoft). Can a person just delete the save game to reset? Or is there ano9ther way? I've already made multiple accounts to try to work around the apparent inability to start over, but that's not ideal. In short, my % scores are all messed up due to prior bugs encountered... One where every song I played got 100% automatically. And the fact that, at least at one point (if not still?) the game would give you the score you got while playing at 10% speed for example. Anyway, I want to know where I am actually at, so these inflated scores are lame... Any way to get rid of them other than picking yet another not-me username and creating a new account? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm so glad you didn't delete this. It has value in two huge ways... The list really helps identify specific song related fixes. But also, this is the only place I have found that consolidates and describes all of the different ways things can go wrong, it is a huge help in just diagnosing which issue(s) a person might have. I (foolishly) made major changes to my library and also updated the .dll without intermittent testing. I created all sorts of problems that seemed impossible to fix before I found this. But using the info here, it's all good. Thanks!
  4. Apologies if this is already discussed. I could not find this by searching due to so many posts about 100% scores. Anyway, after returning to Rocksmith recently, I dropped in the .dll and some songs. I find that every song I play now is scored at 100%, regardless of whether I play one note correctly or 500. Would this be a known issue? or something just odd with my system or account? Thanks.
  5. I understand "HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic" is a virus alert based on heuristics, and could be a false positive. But Kaspersky Internet Security does flag the CustomsForge Song Manager (1.1, downloaded a few minutes ago) as being infected with this sort of virus. Can anyone indicate if this is an actual infection or a false positive. If a false positive, can anyone indicate why it happens? Thanks.
  6. I searched for this, but the search field will not allow two letter search words. Can someone tell me what DD means in custom DLC? I thought "Drop D", but something to do with difficulty? Thanks.
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