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  1. I was in the same boat a couple of years back, I'm currently playing better than I ever have before and playing songs I thought would always be beyond my skill level. It may take a little while to get used to sight-reading from Rocksmith but worth the effort. If you're used to reading tabs try inverting the strings, it might be a bit more intuitive for you that way round.
  2. Have you got any other processes running while playing? Anything that pushes your CPU usage could cause the tone bug. I was getting it a lot while streaming and worked out the tip jar was causing OBS to run at about 30%-40% when it should be below 10%. Ever since cutting out all unnecessary processes it is now an uncommon occurrence. If you can track your CPU usage in Task Manager while playing you should be able to see if anything is using up a lot of resource.
  3. I know someone with a 36 fret guitar (can't remember the make offhand). The higher frets are crazy small and really only meant for right hand tapping
  4. The only way I can see that working is by having a purpose built guitar with its own sensors and some way of tracking hand and finger positions without getting in the way of playing. I don't think we have technology that good yet. I agree that AR would be a better fit with current technology. Does anyone know did MS give up developing their hololens? I think that would have been the best fit.
  5. Unfortunately it doesn't give any text other than 'error'. I have also flagged it with edude (creator of dudebot) so he might be able to shed a bit more light on it when/if he gets round to looking at it.
  6. I've come across a weird confilct between dudebot and the cf song manager. If I have dudebot already running and try to use the pitch shifter mod in cfsm, it causes Dudebot to error. Whilst this may be considered something that needs fixing in dudebot, I figured it was worth pointing out in case there's something you guys can do at your end too. I'm using dudebot 2.11.0 and cfsm
  7. The game asks you to retune every time you start a song that isn't in the saved tuning. If you skip tuning it will ask again unless the next song is in the current saved tuning. It doesn't detect that your guitar is in or out, just that the song is in one tuning but it thinks you are tuned to another.
  8. I believe if you use the mic input you don't get the in-game tones
  9. If you only play Rocksmith there aren't really any songs that require you to use a whammy bar for the notes to register, so the only reason to get one is if you want it. Personally I love mine purely for the sounds you can't get with a fixed bridge. It all depends what you want to get out of it. If you're going to block the bridge you'll probably find there's a fixed bridge model of the same guitar which is cheaper simply because of the bridge. If you do get one, you can get around retuning for standard tunings with a drop pedal, I know a few guys use these including Luke at www.twitch.tv/Wr4thTV. It drops the pitch of the signal in semitone intervals down to an octave. You would probably still want another guitar for drop tunings or those which are offset from A440 pitch. I've been playing long enough now that I've built up quite a collection and I still have one hardtail for odd tunings. Drop pedal is next on my wishlist.
  10. Also, from the 'did rocksmith teach anyone to play' thread:
  11. I find it's mainly down to the fact that when making the CDLC you will be going over the song over and over again in minute detail. By the time you've finished you'll already have intimate knowledge of the structure. Once you have that you only need to teach your muscle memory where to put your fingers and there isn't much else to learn from it, whereas picking up a CDLC from elsewhere, you need to really learn the song.
  12. Awww, I was really hoping for In a Darkened Room, but awesome pack nonetheless
  13. I've not come across the Flatten feature, what does that do?
  14. Instead of Tab being upside, if you think (too much) about it, it's actually guitars themselves that are typically strung upside down if the high string should be at the top. Whatever your view on it, the game itself tries to coach you to the point where you no longer need to read the notes off the screen so why should it matter how you get there?
  15. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you do here. It's in no small part down to you guys and the contributors here that my playing has improved more over the last few months than it had over the previous 20 years.
  16. I had this problem a few months back. The issue for me was the Windows display refresh rate. All I had to do was change from 60fps to 59fps and it's been fine ever since. If I get time later I'll try and find the link that explains why. Something to do with HD not being exactly 60fps. EDIT: I can't find the link with the explanation but there are plenty of examples of people fixing the same problem by changing the refresh rate from 59hz to 60hz and vice versa. I think it's HDMI that refreshes at 59hz, but one way or the other might help.
  17. I've had a quick look at the example in the main tab and my understanding is that a .lrc file is a pre-existing lyric file which has lyrics written line by line and the start time of each line. You copy/paste into here and it splits each line equally by the number of words to give an approximate time per word, and it creates the output text in .xml format. Is that correct?
  18. I believe the tone bug *used* to be caused almost exclusively by bad DLC (I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last), however on a couple of occasions now I've had it occur whilst playing official DLC - Raining Blood and Fear of the Dark - so there appears to be something else that can cause it and it seems to be fairly random.
  19. I don't know the answer but I also get the same error
  20. I would like to start adding DD to songs that I chart, just in case others want to use them, but I think the tutorial I followed to get started didn't cover it. Is it as simple as just hitting the button on the DDC tab of the toolkit or is there more to it?
  21. I have a similar request to this, whereby I use the default option for all downloads to go into my Downloads folder. Is there already an option I'm missing or would it be possible to select to move all relevant files from a selected folder to the DLC folder?
  22. Just getting into creating customs. Any that I do will be be ones I either want to learn myself, or have been requested to learn. Any feedback welcome. I am still trying to find my feet in the forum so if I'm breaching etiquette in any way, please let me know! Done: Xentrix - For Whose Advantage? Guns N' Roses - Get in the Ring Next: Pantera - Fuckinjg Hostile
  23. Thank you for your help! In case it's useful for anyone else I used this the link here to get an older version of Wwise http://customsforge.com/topic/25825-wwise-version-error-upon-generating-psarc-in-toolkit/?p=235012
  24. Turns out it was because I hadn't created a preview that the toolkit was looking for Wwise. Is there also an issue with .wem files created in 2016 versions of Wwise? I've just posted what I thought would be considered a new question, but if it is just the case that I need to create the .wem files in an earlier version of Wwise, I'll close it down. EDIT:- Yes it was just a case of converting using a 2016 version of Wwise. Please excuse me being an idiot! Question covered here: http://customsforge.com/topic/33701-creating-cdlc-audio-conversion-problem/?p=235042
  25. I am new to Rocksmith CDLC and have started trying to create my own. I have followed a couple of tutorials, and have gotten as far as creating a psarc package, but it doesn't work when I try to use it. The audio preview in game sounds corrupted and attempting to play the actual song, the playing screen opens for a few seconds, then it closes down again. The corrupted preview audio suggests to me it is a problem in the converted audio files. The .wav files sound fine so I assume I'm getting something wrong when converting to .wem. Is there an option to preview these files in Wwise to test them? I am currently using Wwise 2016.1.3.5878 If anybody else uses this version can you give me a quick rundown of which settings I should be using to convert .wav to .wem?
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