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  1. no, not from MP3. I'm using e.g. MiniLyrics to automatic download best synchronized lyrics in .lrc format for any song. Converter just prepare this lyrics before import to EOF.
  2. Updated to version 2.7 - new design.
  3. I think it is a very good idea. May I help you with this somehow?
  4. Two new songs added: Children Of Bodom - Follow The ReaperDropkick Murphys - Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
  5. Update V.2.5 Added automatic speed changes.
  6. I changed conversion for multiple words to one line, it works fine. Thanks ! (v.2.3)
  7. Download: LRCconverter.xlsm v.2.7 (2017-02) ---------------------------------------------------- Instructions: 1. Get lyrics file in .LRC format. (see LRC wiki) 2. Convert .LRC file content in LRCconverter.xlsm 4. Import new .LRC to EOF ---------------------------------------------------- LRCconverter.xlsm is Excel(required) Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet. http://killeroyo.webatu.com/RS24_CDLC/Screenshot27.jpg Example LRC line (text is too long and 3 time signatures causing import error in EOF): [03:59.76][04:16.13][06:35.17]Something to save me from myselfAfter converting (sentence is splitted to single words and time + leading silence time is added): [04:02.76]Something [04:03.66]to [04:03.86]save [04:04.26]me [04:04.46]from [04:04.86]myself [04:05.46] [04:19.13]Something [04:20.03]to [04:20.23]save [04:20.63]me [04:20.83]from [04:21.23]myself [04:21.83] [06:38.17]Something [06:39.07]to [06:39.27]save [06:39.67]me [06:39.87]from [06:40.27]myself [06:40.87]
  8. WIP Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
  9. OK. I know how to do it. Workaround: Just copy fret postions to another level of difficulty and then copy back after import. Simple :) Thanks.
  10. I use the import function very often when modifying notes. Most of the changes I make in GuitarPro and then doing re-import. Sometimes I have to import after setting the hand positions, then there is this problem.
  11. One more thing about Fret Hand Positions: They should not disappear after importing from GuitarPro. This is very annoying, limiting step backwards. Auto generate is not good enough, but is good start. Manual adding takes too long to repeat it once again. My best solution might be: Adding a boolean attribute for each hand position: eg addedByUser. If value is true it stays after GP import.
  12. WIP Iron Maiden - When The Wild Wind Blows - song is almost ready...
  13. You can create a restriction to only 5-10 random songs on each day which everyone can test and vote. Something like the song of the day.
  14. it's ready http://customsforge.com/topic/1722-voice-of-the-soul/?do=findComment&comment=7569
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