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  1. Death comes for us all sadly. I'm sorry for his loss. I will enjoy it thanks!!! I've also recently upgraded to a full digital setup (sold all my pedals, amps, recording gear and went iRig/Amplitude/Cubase all the way)and started recording solo tracks again. It's great fun. Planning one track a week and im a bit behind atm :-)
  2. I think it's pretty good. The bandmates in that situation are probably very good friends with each other. A good friend over that many years is rare and rarer still is more than one! I have played in the same band for 15 years now(all originals). We have all gone through many relationships, life hurdles and jobs. The weekly 6 hour rehearsal room jam is like a sanctuary for the three of us. We have released two albums and are about to release our third. The first was self recorded, the second and third in a friends home studio. The third one has 36 songs on it so we will split it up over one album (best of the best) and the rest as EP's. We play about once a month and we love it. I really hope we can play for 15 more years but our drummer is in a more famous band and doesnt have the time anymore...which may change after we get even more famous haha(unlikely).
  3. All great replies. Thank you so much. I think ill go the xboxone route :-) Happy gaming everyone!
  4. Hi, I use RockSmith Remastered on my PC laptop and would like to not have to lean forward and hit use the keyboard to navigate. I’d love to have a Bluetooth game controller like for xbox/playstation. Any advice? It would also help for hooking my laptop hdmi out into the lounge TV which would really annoy me to have to get up and walk to the tv... less than ideal. Windows 10. Will have to probably remap the keys I'm guessing so some help there?
  5. Thanks RubberDave, I started last night and I had a few minutes of difficulty but picked it up pretty quickly. I only played for an hour but got Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop with some pretty good scores. I hope in a couple of years I can get to where you are. (I can't read tab or scores). Thanks!!
  6. I don't use adblock but can't see any ads anywhere at work or home(my home router has inbuilt adblock that i cant configure).
  7. I'm at work but was notified by email that my first copy of Rocksmith Remastered 2014 just arrived in the mail. New to this but am so hyped to get playing and learning. I have 20 years of self taught bad habits and play in a weekend warrior band. On a side note we have a new triple album coming up :-) Hope to increase my skills as I feel like I haven't progressed for years. Looks like a fantastic, welcoming and vibrant forum. Kudos to all involved!
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