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  1. Fam anyone can do an ez chordify to rocksmith? From scott pilgrim https://chordify.net/chords/scott-pilgrim-vs-the-world-track-15-ramona-sung-by-beck-non-acoustic-version-kaylee-marie or https://chordify.net/chords/scott-pilgrim-vs-the-world-soundtrack-17-ramona-caleb-hamilton From scott pilgrim
  2. I have it fam.. its just easier to just play a video mayble ill learn how to do that..
  3. Anyone can record and upload playthrough? no one has done it yet fam. Thanks. I've just found that you can record a game with w10 with windows key + g Ill see if I can upload myself with a shitty connection
  4. Hi fam 1)Do you use 'flat tops' or flatwound strings? Is it worth it? They seem like a bit overpriced the cheapest I've seen is about 10€ for flat tops 2) Which nice hybrid picking songs and artists do you recommend? I'm trying to get past the absolute newbie level of course if there is cdlc the merrier D: Thanks in advance
  5. I could fix it with 2.8.3 Finally working D: @Alex360 It throw the error because there was no showlights. Thanks for the support :D But another question I have a live-sultans of swing-dire straits tab I did a request but with the wrong tab :| This is the tab btw https://mega.nz/#!saRiAQzZ!L9fVgjqEh65ndEOC6c6t4KqclV6TaTTbu7TaDmJ5m-A Where could I post it to see if someone wants to see it/ try to make it cdlc
  6. @Alex360 Now I'm getting another error.. out of bonds :| Happens with two different dlcs
  7. Thanks fam I'm dowloading the 2016.2 since I had the lowest version.. I'll try and tell D: One thing the configuration 'hint' caption in the wwise path location doen't mention 2016 at least in the 2.8.3 version
  8. I formated my VM machine and I need to configure wwise to try to remake a cdlc that doesn't appear in my ps3 :\ Send help pls. I registered and downloaded the damn wwise audiokinectic but it only allows 2016 install. Can it work with that? I'm doing something wrong? Can anyone gib 2013 or compatible version? @
  9. Sorry D: I hope somebody else 'unblocks'
  10. Suggestion D: Falling Into Infinity (1997): "Hollow Years"
  11. @@earth2mars I have a request D: Hajimo no ippo op 1 (and or) op 2 by shocking lemon cover with tabs - 1:30 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vO057tG-m8 cover of both songs with tabs another tab https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/s/shocking_lemon/inner_light_intro_guitar_pro.htm
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