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    Yamaha SG2000, Strat, Harley Benton-PRS, 12 String Ric, Custom built LP with Fernandes sustainer, Custom built Strat with Sustainer
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    SX Fender Jazz Bass Copy
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    Progressive (Tool, Genesis, Yes, Rush)

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  1. Happy Birthday briancohen!

  2. Happy Birthday briancohen!

  3. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al49olS7713WiKQZOgJDVqRyOMGQOw Is any one able to analyse this for me. Ive attempted to compile this for days. Cream- Crossroads
  4. :clap: DoH! Is there an emoji for slapping yourself in the head? That's just like me to make it complicated. I'll try that tonight.
  5. Is there software to emulate the RS cable? I have my main PC where I prefer to build and another where I run the game. Dragging the cable back and forth is a pain. All I want to do is is test a custom file before I move if to my studio PC.
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