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  1. The Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated" because It's just one note! :D
  2. You will probably have no issues. I have my channel set so that I do not get any revenue from ads that youtube runs. Not sure if that helps but it might. So if anyone gets the ad revenue I guess the record company does. I have discovered bands by watching RS2014 on youtube so it it a good way for bands to gain new fans.
  3. Everyone does not learn and progress in the same way so with that said this is what helped me. 1. Finding easier songs in Rocksmith that are in my reach (beginner level) to earn a gold pick. The gold pick on a song in Hard Score Attack is my goal and 100% is my ultimate goal so that gave me motivation. I have to at least like a song to want to play it. If I love a song that's even better. I love Satisfaction so it was fun (not work) to sit down in riff repeater for hours to learn it because I love the song. I started out slow on the solos and slowly played them faster until I got to 100%. Also that song is is at my current skill level. I'd love to play Highway Star but it is out of my reach. My renditions are not great, but I do enjoy playing and over time I've gotten better. So... set a goal that is achievable, then when you reach it set another goal. It sounds dumb but I felt great when I finally got a gold pick on 7-nation army rhythm path. That is a super easy song but it was a milestone for me. I was off to the races after that. See the link in my signature if you want to see videos of easy RS songs. 2. Use video teachers on you tube. There are a lot of good ones. If you need help with finger placement for a solo or something look there. If you need help with a technique look there. I've never used a real live teacher. It may help I've just never done it. I am 100% taught by RS and free youtube lessons. 3. You will play more if you enjoy it. I enjoy learning new songs so once I learn one I will play it again but not probably every day (exception "Satisfaction"). If you hate your time with the guitar you will do other things with your time. If you love your time with the guitar you will find time to play. I don't "practice" per se, I learn new songs and play ones I know. Perhaps I am not advancing as fast as I could with a real "practice schedule" and a teacher led method but I am having fun. If I hated time with guitar I would not get better since I'd avoid it. 4. What is your goal? Mine is to have fun and learn new songs. If you want to play in a band or play professionally you are going to need to map out a plan. Steve Vai did that and practiced 10 hurs a day because he loved to it. He said it was not practice to him because he loved it. I would hate his 10 hour schedule but good for him. He found his love and set his goals and achieved them. Good luck!
  4. Well they are much easier to learn the second time around. At some point I had learned too many to play every day so I play my favorites and rotate the rest.
  5. "Like a Stone" by Audioslave has a nice slow Barre section and then a strumming acoustic barre section which is faster and more difficult. "Someone like Me" (Ryhthm path) by Kings of Leon has almost all (maybe all) Barre Chords. Check those out on youtube and see if they work for you. If I think of any more I'll come back and post them. I find barre chord changes easier than open chord changes - go figure. Make sure your guitar is set up properly, that will help with barre chords and everything else too.
  6. Well this thread motivated me to set up a you-tube channel and make some video on my 100's to prove to the people at work that I really can play the guitar. So I set up my channel, made a couple of videos and emailed them around the office. Within 5 minutes I had a guy stop by my office and tell me "Thanks for the videos. They prove once and for all you can't play". Oh well as long as I'm having a good time the smart asses in my office can go pound sand. Anyway here is the proof if you care to look. My goal is to add a video a week or so. What is funny (to me anyway) is I get a lot of 99.x% scores and then I forget to engage the screen capture software and of course that run is 100% and I have no video. I tried to sync the camera and screen capture best I could. It's close but it is probably not perfect. My channel should be named the easiest songs to score 100% on Rocksmith, because that is what you will find there. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMV9RfoApHM5Zmi1CobqTJw
  7. I had to replace a RT cable after about a year of daily use.
  8. I don;t know about underrated but in my humble opinion Royal Blood is a great band yet I find many people have never heard of them.
  9. That's very interesting. I need to borrow a guitar with actives and see how much difference it makes.
  10. I have 100% on somewhere between 10 or 15 songs which are easy songs for the most part. I am chasing Enter Sandman and have several 99.xx on the rhythm path but I keep missing a note or two and getting 99%. I'm no where good enough to even play the lead path on Sandman. Only two songs I have 110% for in the Play a Song feature are Next Girl and Blitz Bop.
  11. This past weekend I saw these bands with the $105 three day pass at the 2016 Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN. Friday: The Struts (great live. enjoyed this show) Young the Giant (tech sound issues hurt the show) Panic! At the Disco (incredible performance) Weezer (delivered the goods) Saturday Houndmouth (fun live band) Moon Taxi (very good live band. I'd never heard of them. Bass player wowed me) Barenaked Ladies (solid, very good musicians and performers) Meghan Trainor (weakest night for headliners) Sunday ( I was tired from all the standing so I only had energy for 3 sets Sunday) Cold War Kids (really like this band) Bastille (That dude can sing. Good live band. Lots of fun and energy) Zedd (amazing show... my first EDM concert. wow) Not my kind of music but it was fun. Friday night alone was worth $105... I was ale to get very close to the stage because it is a relatively small festival compared to others but it is well run. I was about 5 people back from the front row Friday night. I passed on headliners Neil Young (I saw Weezer) and Paul Simon (went to Bastille). No regrets about it. This coming weekend I'm going to see a triple bill: A Day to Remember Parkway Drive State Champs
  12. Netflix has a documentary on Lemmy available on the streaming service if anyone cares to check it out.
  13. I'm so old I listened to the Kiss Alive! album on an 8-track (8-track!) travelling the The Warehouse in New Orleans to see Kiss perform. Still... not too old to enjoy their new song. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Warehouse_(New_Orleans)
  14. Well over time I've tried different setups and now I play three different ways depending on the mood of me and the family. 1. I use a Y split and run a cable to my POD HD500 and then to an amp. The other output of the Y is the RS cable to the PC. I do this when I want to practice hitting the pedal to change the tone during songs with one or more tone changes. I'm not very good at this so I need to practice. I focus on the pedal and my playing takes a nosedive. Still it is fun and with this set up I control my guitar tone not RS. The amp can be turned up to reveal when I sound good and not so good so this is a reality check set up (Hey Chili... RS scores you well on Guerrilla Radio but you sound like %#$*). 2. I use headphones when the family is tired of hearing riff repeater at 60% speed or just tired of hearing me. 3. I run a cable from the headphone jack of the PC to my amp and let RS control the tones when the family is away and I want to rattle the walls a bit. I think the headphones are the best quality sound but I still like to use the other setups.
  15. That dude could play. :( Love this solo that begins at about the 3:25 mark. Showmanship and ability. What an entertainer.
  16. I had to choose between American Football and band... and I chose poorly and have broken bones to prove it. To add insult to injury the local high school (i'm like decades out of school) offers guitar as an option in their music school. Life really is not fair. My wife played flute in her HS marching band and I keep bugging her to get a used flute on ebay so we can cover Jethro Tull but no luck so far.
  17. Update for anyone that is interested... I bought the cable below on Amazon and run my laptop into the the cleanest settings on my Line 6 amp and let Rocksmith supply the tones for each song. Works great and while it does not sound as good as a quality set of headphones it does allow you to rattle the roof when you feel the need. For songs I want to practice with a pedal board I still use the Line 6 POD HD but for just plain fun playing a set list this is a good setup. Only downside is now I want a better quality better amp. :P http://www.amazon.com/Sentey-Braided-Audiophile-Premium-Connector/dp/B017ABOMSW?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00
  18. 7 nation army is an easy one but it is an official DLC so you'll have to purchase it.
  19. I should probably know this but... I've been playing Audio Slave's "Gasoline" recently and the top string is tuned down to "B" so it is BADGBE tuning. Is it a bad idea (like warp the neck bad idea) to leave a guitar in this tuning? Should I just re-tune to E Standard when I'm done for the day? If I took lessons from a real person I would ask them but RS and you guys are basically my guitar teacher at this point. Thanks!
  20. Don't know why I didn't mention this in my first reply, but this. If you are new to guitar playing you probably won't even notice this has a big influence on how you play. And in my opinion it's very counter productive realising you had the fingering wrong the entire time while you are leveling up the song. This too. RR is just such a waste of time most of the time it's ridiculous. @@chili_time also I'm not sure if you are aware, but you can get all the tabs from cdlc's with the toolkit. Very handy imo so I tought I should mention it. Thanks! I remember seeing that once but had forgotten about it. I need to get on that this weekend. May as well use the tabs from RS.
  21. I guess I've evolved to the point where on Official RS songs the first thing I do is hit riff repeater and take it to 100% difficulty and slow it down. I also take a peek at tabs when available and just learn it the slow way at 100%. So I don't even used DD and don;t miss it on the custom downloads. With that said by all means if it is helpful to you then use it when available. I should note that I watch a play through on Youtube and don't attempt songs that are beyond my reach so the 100% slow down approach would not work on a song I have no business trying to play. I do really wish you could custom select a section of a song to work on in riff repeater. If you only have issues with one little section you still have to play the entire phrase in RR. This is when I go to songster or tabs or something outside RS to work on one tiny section.
  22. Thanks for your efforts and I hope you get really rich off your project and buy tons of new toys to play with.
  23. I don't know if it is the beginning of a failure or not. My first cable worked for one year and then just quit working so I had to get a new one. Hope you have better luck.
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