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  1. Hate to burst yo bubble bro, but ignition is down again. Says there is no such thing.
  2. I'm attempting to write a cover of the song Teacher's Pet, often referred to as Zach's Song or School of Rock from the movie school of rock. I have everything pretty much done but I have no clue how to tab vocals. I have more details on this in the link below on Ultimate Guitar. If someone wants to help me please check the link down there and post either here or on the Ultimate Guitar thread. Thank you. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1717548
  3. I bought Rocksmith 2014 around a year ago. A few months ago my cable started giving off a lot of feedback. So I plugged it in to a footswitch guitar pedal and put tension on the cable and put it under the footswitch and stepped down on it and it worked fine. But day after day it gets worse and worse, and soon its going to be to the point where the cable won't work. So I look for another one on Amazon and it rings up to be $50 dollars for a new cable. I think that is bull, so if anyone knows about any legitimate site that offers it for less OR an alternative to the real tone cable that is more durable. I saw a studio cable with a guitar end and a usb end but I don't know if that will work, so if anyone knows any atlernatives to the real tone cable or anywhere where I can get it for cheaper please tell me.
  4. Thank you guys for responding. I did upload it and what they do is they put a copyright claim on it, and they allow it to be viewed. Because rocksmith used the album version and the one Volbeat is blocking is the one they put on youtube i think.
  5. OH MY GAWD Thank you so much! now I can impress people with this song!
  6. Hi. I did a play through of Fallen by Volbeat. I looked up the music policy and it says that I can't use it, but I saw that Riff Repeater used it and was fine, so I am confused. Can I upload my playthrough to youtube without it being blocked?
  7. See, this only happens to me with CDLC songs without tones. I don't know what else to say here
  8. Oh and btw this is meant to be for PC, i have rocksmith on pc too, just haven't updated it in my profile yet.
  9. Hi, I am creating a CDLC for Symphony of the Night by DragonForce. I am nearly done with it, but whenever I go to export it as a psarc file, I get the following error in the RS Custom Toolkit: Package Was Generated with Errors! See Below: Error generate PC package: Offset and Length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of the source collection. You want to open the folder in which the package was generated? Whenever I click yes to this, I find no psarc file. I have never had this happen to me before and I really want to have this Custom to practice very soon! Could someone please help me?
  10. Hi, I love to make DragonForce CDLC, but there's a song that has a part that relies entirely on Whammy Pedal Effects and I don't know if there's a pedal in game that can do this. How can I achieve this?
  11. I will try the Linkin Park ODLC and see if I can tweak it around a bit.
  12. Hi! I am a beginner/intermediate at making Rocksmith CDLC. I was thinking about making the song "Exile Vilify" by The Nationals from Portal 2 for the game, but an issue arises because the song was written for a Grand Piano. Now, I am certain it will work on guitar, but my question is: Is it possible to use the pedals and effects given in Rocksmith's Tone Designer to make the guitar sound like a Grand Piano?
  13. Firekorn, Your advice was very helpful to me and I thank you for that. I was using the file that I imported to eof to begin with for the actual .wem file as well, rather than the one eof made, and I think that is what is causing the issue with leading silence. As for the dropped tuning I haven't tried it out yet but I think it'll work. The only thing left is the bass tuning. I know the tuning for it, excluding the E string, would be E1, A1, D2, G4, but I haven't got a clue what A1 an octave lower would be. Would you happen to know what that would be?
  14. Ok, so what you are saying is that the tuner goes by how many half steps up or down the string is from standard, right? I just want to make sure. I checked drop d tuning on wikipedia and it is 1 full step down from standard, so i think its half steps down. So with the wav file thing, should I add the leading silence to the wav file itself and the tab? Because I think that may work too.
  15. A little update: I am doing a 6 string dropped a tuning without the thickest string for the lead guitar, leaving the tuning to be E2-A2-D3-G3-B3-E4 for the lead parts and the regular six string arrangement for the rhythm guitar
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