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  1. I just finished Nonpoint's "In The Air Tonight". I'm still working on KSE's "Reject Yourself". I'm also working on Nonpoint's "Breaking Skin".

  2. I'm working on Nonpoint's "Hide and Seek" and Killswitch Engage's "Reject Yourself".

  3. I added bass to Nonpoint's Circles

  4. I'm working on Nonpoint's "I Said It". Next is Killswitch Engage's "Reject Yourself".

  5. I'm updating "Endure." Next is Nonpoint's "I Said It."

  6. Bass had been added to Nonpoint- "Circles". I am updating "Rabia". Next will be "Vengeance", then "Passive Aggressive".

  7. "Widowmaker" is done. I'm adding bass to "Circles" and updating "Rabia."

  8. I took a break from Nonpoint's "Widowmaker" and made a DLC for Gjojira's "Where Dragons Dwell." Now back to "Widowmaker."

  9. Is there any way to add a feature that could adjust the stereo balance all the way left/right. That would help for figuring out guitar parts that are only on one channel. I have been taking off one headphone, or using equalizer APO to do this. That isn't the ideal solution because I use amp modeling software and I can't hear my own guitar very well. Just a suggestion.
  10. I'm working on Nonpoint - Widowmaker.

  11. I'm working on Nonpoint - Victim

  12. I'm finally done with "There's Going To Be A War." I'm updating "To The Pain."

  13. I'm working on Nonpoint - There's Going To Be A War

  14. I goofed and put the wrong link for "What I've Become" intially. It has been fixed. I am working on "Bullet With A Name".

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