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  1. I bought a second Real Tone cable at a pawn shop for $10. They usually throw the software in with the games and the cable in the glass display case with the guitar cables and stuff.
  2. I know most basic chords and now I need to work on Barre chords. From what I have been reading, this is where most people give up on guitar. The problem is when you increase difficulty in songs the chords go by too fast and if you slow it down in riff repeater it doesn't sound like your playing a song anymore. I have tried the You lesson exercises, they are great but it would be nice to play Barre chords in a song at a nice easy pace. Any song suggestions?
  3. This Post is a must read for all Rocksmith players. I have been playing Rocksmith for 6 months and I have been having this issue with it not reading some notes on the 6th string. I thought it was the guitar, the strings, the software etc. BUT this post from Jimmy Page Fanboy SOLVED THE PROBLEM.After adjusting the string intonation the game experience improved greatly! Notes AND chords now are recognized. It also sounds more correct, before my playing sounded out of tune (because it WAS out of tune). Thank you much.
  4. Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground is one of my favorites. I am beginner.
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