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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 333


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Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship!


-= Week 333=-



FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships?

     => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules


Last week's winners: 

  • Beginner: n/a
  • Intermediate: diceslinger 
  • Advanced: meelo
  • Masterclass: Snakewizard
  • GOG: Nicholede 


  • Beginner: n/a
  • Intermediate: diceslinger  
  • Advanced: HollyMarkell
  • Masterclass: Snakewizard
  • GOG: coldrampage


  • Beginner: n/a 
  • Intermediate: KJParsley 
  • Int. Bonus: KJParsley
  • Advanced:  diceslinger
  • Masterclass: Snakewizard 
  • GOG: coldrampage 

Congratulations to all winners! Well done!

 ! Note: The Intermediate song Otherside has 2 versions the Multitracks version (used for L & B )  is 4:16 long and the other version (used for R) is 4:19 . This was done because of problems with the tab on the 4:19 version ( rhythm is good ) and no rhythm on the Multitracks 4:16 version. 

Lead Path:
Beginner: Nazareth Mis Misery (3) from week 231
Intermediate:  RHCP - Otherside (5) Chosen ZeroPingNZ  Multitracks version (5) 4:16
Advanced:  AC-DC - Back in Black (7) chosen by NanoJBSilva 
Masterclass:  Hexen Desolate Horizons (9) week 269
GOG: Sabaton - The Great War (Full Album) (10)  week 3/4

Rhythm Path:
Beginner: Nazareth Mis Misery (2)
Intermediate:  RHCP - Otherside (4)  4:19 Different version then the Lead and Bass
Advanced:  AC-DC - Back in Black (6) 
Masterclass:  Hexen Desolate Horizons (8)
GOG: Sabaton - The Great War (Full Album) (8?) 

Bass Path:
Beginner: Nazareth Mis Misery (3) 
Intermediate: RHCP - Otherside (5) Multitracks version(4) 

                    Bonus: AC-DC - Back in Black (4)
Advance:  Magnum P.I. - Natatorium Groove Chosen by Auldog in Only Bass Songs (7) 
Masterclass:  Hexen Desolate Horizons (9)
GOG: Sabaton - The Great War (Full Album) (6?)

Let us know your opinions on the accuracy of the difficulty scores (1-10) for this weeks songs.

Honorable list Diehard Member:
(draft - to be updated after CCL update)

Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:

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Bass Path:
Beginner: Nazareth Mis Misery (3)
Intermediate: RHCP - Otherside (5) Multitracks version(4)
Advance:  Magnum P.I. - Natatorium Groove Chosen by Auldog in Only Bass Songs (7)
Masterclass:  Hexen Desolate Horizons (9)


A lot of work for Magnum PI to get this over 80%

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tough one




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  • Moderator

some Hexen, nice. Already got that one installed but haven't tried it yet. "Blast radius" and knee "deep in the dead" are some of my favorites to play when I'm in E flat standard tho and its off the same album so it can't be too bad.

Anyway, speedy mc bass 'cus its late at night.
Easier than I expected
Score attack time
There we go.

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Ea3cCUQ.png                                                                            「愛こそすべて ,ギルティキス」                                                  Gh59blB.png

Utsu-P Discography                                                     Modding thread (dead)                                                  500 songs hype

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if you cannot lead, and then a beginner song with a slide solo thingy pops up D:


so on Lead Beginner (91.78%):




and bass entries:

this weeks beginner bass was a really good and rich in varity :D

(and not that easy if you just play it two times)


beginner (96.41%):




intermediate (98.42%):




advanced (95.61%):




this advanced bass was weird... :P

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