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  1. Ah man, I don't know. Seems like every week there is another set of songs on here that I can't play. I think I must have a really narrow ability to play because I can get 100% on some songs, just songs that never appear on this list :(
  2. Johnny Cash! At last a song I like. Although probably can't play...
  3. Sorry, late again, but probably doesn't make much difference to the scores.
  4. Just wondering why acdc Back in Black is not part of the bass path this week?
  5. This is the very best I can do this week... Sadly....
  6. @ Toni-Wan Kenobi Yes mate, I will go up a level on the bass now. Not sure how I will do, but guess it's time to push myself a bit.
  7. This is a tough contest. You guys are so good.
  8. Sorry posted late. I was crap this week anyhow...
  9. Ignore the 100% error thing... I suck at Lead and Rhythm
  10. A lot of 'love' this week. Is it to make me feel better about Brexit?
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