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How to sync your beat map


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I still encounter a lot of customs with un sync beat map. It might not look like a problem at first sight but it could become messy in a lot of case!


So here is the way I do it. It might not be the better or the quicker but it works well for me and it's quite simple because it doesn't require much.


1. The software


It's quite simple :

  • EOF (make sure you have the last version)
  • Your ear!

2. The files


I will stated the obvious here but better safe than sorry.

  • The song mp3 or wav or whatever that EOF can use
  • The GP file

If you don't have this two file, well just go get them, i won't cover the beat map sync without GP file in this tutorial.


3. Your new EOF project


Nothing really special here, choose your song, enter the artist/song name as usual, use the folder as you always do and create the ogg with the quality you usually use.


4. preparing the beat map


Let's go :

  • Show the waveform graph (F5 or Song -> Waveform Graph -> Show)
  • Move the first beat so that he align with the start of the song (where the waveform start to wave)
  • Estimate the bpm with EOF (Beat -> Estimate BPM)
  • Click "Ok"
  • Choose Yes
  • Compare the EOF BPM with the GP file BPM, if the EOF is double of half the GP BPM, adjust the BPM in EOF with the double or half BPM option (Beat -> Double BPM or Beat -> Halve BPM)
  • The closer the estimate is, the lesser you will have to do in the next step
  • Import your GP file (File -> Guitar Pro Import)
  • Choose Yes to the first question (about time signature)
  • Say No to the second question (about phrases/sections, it won't show up if there's no marker text in the GP file)
  • Import the lead part (if you don't have any lead part go to number 25)
  • If the first note is at the right place go to number 17
  • If it's not, select all the note (ctrl+a or Edit -> Selection -> Select All)
  • Copy (ctrl+c or Edit -> Copy)
  • Delete all the note (del or Note -> Delete)
  • Got to the beat where the note start (use Page Up or Page Down or ctrl+shift+Page up/down to move at the exact right place)
  • Paste everything back (ctrl+v or Edit -> paste)
  • Once the first note is at the right place go at the beginning of the song (Home or Song -> Seek -> Start)
  • Activate the clap and the metronome (C or Edit -> Claps and M or Edit -> Metronome)
  • Listen to the clap and metronome to spot a gap between the song and the clap/metronome (the note should help you ear what the part is actually playing)
  • If you spot a gap, choose the beat corresponding to the note you want to move (Only move the first beat of the measure) and slide this beat to it's place in the song
  • If the note hasn't move Undo it (ctrl+z or Edit -> Undo) and go back to the number 19
  • If the note has aligned, check if your really synced
  • If not Undo it (ctrl+z or Edit -> undo)
  • If your sync repeat from number 19 to 24 untill you got all the song sync then continue
  • Import the next part (rythm or bass) and go back to number 12 You shouldn't have anything to move if you have done a good job in the first part!
  • Once you've gone through all the part and you are sure everything in sync, well everything in sync! Good Job!

5. Some tips and tricks


  • This method isn't perfect since it is relying on your ear but with experience you can go through everything much faster and training your ear will help you when you will play!
  • If you are sure a beat is at is rightfull place, use an anchor (click on the beat and press shift+a or Beat -> Anchor Beat)! This is pretty usefull for slow down or floating breakdown
  • By doing this, you will actually see some flaws on the chart (weird slides mostly), you can take time to correct them during the synchronization.
  • Take your mark with easy songs played with a metronome or with minimal tempo change
  • I fast forward through the rythm and bass part just to check the transition of the song but i really encourage you to go through all the part at normal speed first especially if you aren't sure of you!

I think i have gone through everything!


It actually takes me for a 3 minutes songs about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the beat map and by going through all the 3 parts.


If you have any question or suggestion don't hesitate to comment!

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This is excellent man :) 

I was too lazy to type it all out so I just made a video :)



I do not like to move the entire grid about and so I begin slightly differently.  It is worth noting that sometimes the lead/rhythm/bass parts begin at different parts of the song, so you may have to find the correct starting point 3 times.


Also, I think you miss a step between 16 and 17, you do not mention pasting the notes back in...



Nice work man :)

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Yeah i forget to say that the note needed to be past...


I don't think there's only one way to sync but having many tutorial helps to sort out what has absolutely to be done and what shouldn't be.


And everyone has his little habit which doesn't really change the final result!

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I do it a bit differently. Partly because the GP files I've used have been too off-base -- I use them as the basis to make corrections. And the tempo settings for GP files are approximations anyway.


So I say "No" to both questions when importing the file. Instead, before I import the GP file:


1. I set the time signature (in the case of the songs I'm working with, it's always 4/4).

3. Display waveform and turn on the metronome.

2. Set the beat map. I like doing this without any notes in the way -- it's easiest with a song with a snare drum, since they're easy to spot in the waveform. I find it helpful to look at both left and right channels, because sometimes one has a more visible snare than the other. I go through the entire song, lining up the beat markers with the snare drum and listening to the metronome to make sure it's in sync with the snare. 


For a 3 minute song, it doesn't take all that long to do, especially when the drummer stays pretty close to the primary tempo. With a five minute song, my eyes are usually bleary by the end.


Once the beat map's done, I pick up my guitar and go through the entire song again, comparing what I hear with what's in the GP file. I use EOF to help chart out the rhythm notation and listen to the GP playback to make sure the notes are accurate. Doing this also helps me be certain that the measures in EOF and GP are the same -- no fussing with double/half tempos. What's important is that the notes in EOF correspond to the same measure/beat as those in the GP file. (I tend to add in the lyrics as text in the GP file as I'm working, this helps me get things synchronized as well).


After that, I import the GP file, doing it the same way you describe.


I'm not saying your way is wrong -- I'm just adding to it by saying what works for me. It's nice that there are different ways to achieve what we're all looking for -- a playable custom.

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I clearly stated that there is different way,mine here is just one and i don't say any other is wrong!


We really need a post that link or have all the tuorial about this, because i think it's one of the most important things when creating a custom.


And even by doing this, i still need to go throught the part in RS to spot errors. I Hope and think that my custom have their beat map sync and i just wanted to let know how did i do that, it might not be the best way or anything but it's a start and adding any other way might a reallly good point to let people kown about every option they have.

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Here's another useful tip taken from an old thread:


"After you've synced the first beat marker, and you're trying to just get a general average tempo, you can sync another beat marker further in, then while that latter anchor is selected, use "Beat>Delete anchor".  This will remove the anchor, and apply the tempo from the previous anchor to the rest of the beats.  Repeating this process going further into the chart increases the accuracy of the first beat marker to the point that you should only have to make minor corrections to beat positions throughout the chart, unless there are big timing changes in the song."

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  • 4 years later...

Hello everyone.


I'm trying to sync a title that has 2 different beat markers in the same pieces.

I adjust the tempo in the guitar pro file and when I import in EOF, the intro is well synchronized but not the rest.


So my question, how to do in EOF to choose when the tempo should change.


Thank you.

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The tempo in Guitar Pro files is not honored when EOF imports the file. The beat positions need to be set in EOF. This does mean that sometimes two different Guitar Pro files won't import as easily into the same project, but you can either alter one Guitar Pro file to suit the other one, or fix the tablature after it's imported (ie. copy+paste, delete, etc).

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Thank you very much raynebc.

I noticed that the rhythmic signatures were not respected in EOF since guitar pro.

I still managed to put different time markers in EOF before importing. However, the guitar pro files rarely respects the notes time which creates almost all the time of the shift hence the need to synchronize notes by hand.


Thank you for your return raynebc.

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Woah, that seems like alot of steps for something really easy, i just drag the first beatmarker to the first note in the song, put in the right BPM (either from gp file or from EoF estimate) then skip trough the song really fast correcting every 2-4th measure marker to the beat (which in most songs are really really obvious spikes)

(Also when importing from .gp files, I first correct beatmap, then hit import and say 'No' to importing time stuff op GP)

This week I coindently recorded another making of video of the EoF charting, I only started recording after the beatmap syncing (cause I forgot to hit record) In the first second of this 'making of' you can see me correcting the last measures of the beatmap, and you can also see some beat anchors in the beginning

(Sorry for the bad audio quality in vid)

Check out my Custom Inlays topic here

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Check out my Youtube channel here

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@@PyroBillie It's a lot of step because i list every click you make in that video but the result end up being the same.


I also never said that my solution is the ultimate one in any kind of way and there's clearly some other way to deal with syncing. I just described it with text instruction to the best and most precise way possible.

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