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  1. I keep seeing Maya 2010 in the nif files.
  2. There is a string.nif in dependency_guitarcommon.psarc. Editing this single string alters all strings on guitar or bass. I'm guessing the game says to create six strings for guitar and four strings for bass, and this is not something we can edit just by playing around with the models. I did not see a model for the neck + strings. Nifskope lets you enlarge things but not stretch. I tried stretching the 7th string at the headstock to reach across the fretboard, but blender saves a file unreadable by the game (as everyone else noticed).
  3. Ghetto 7-String headstock. I enlarged the headstock, enlarged the frets, and copypasted a string and peg.
  4. It just created a new Preview audio file, but what should i do with it next? I can't import it to RSToolkit , since it's a 30 sec audio file You don't need to do anything. It will be used if it is in the same directory and you did not rename it.
  5. In EOF: Song -> Create Preview Audio
  6. No shame in going to a music store and buying a workbook designed for elementary school students. You'd be starting off with super basic stuff like drawing a staff, how to count, and the names of the notes. Buy some manuscript paper (or print it out, but you'll need lots).
  7. Handshape: CTRL+SHIFT+H Arpeggio: CTRL+SHIFT+G
  8. http://customsforge.com/topic/30557-guidelines-for-official-looking-customs/ 1.2 Marking Handshapes in EOF 1. Select the notes 2. (Optional) Use the mouse wheel to lengthen the sustains of the notes so they cover the area you want the handshape to cover 3. Press 'Ctrl+Shift+H' 4. (Optional) Edit the sustains to proper lengths
  9. Looking forward to seeing this. Looks really cool.
  10. This works. Thank you again.
  11. I am using eof hotfix (1-14-2020) If I select the "Mute:String" option under "Edit Pro Guitar Note" menu and press "Apply", everything works as expected. After I press "OK" the string mute status goes away.
  12. For several months (not sure the exact version when it started) the toolkit will make mistakes if the CDLC template is not saved in the same folder as the EOF project files. When the xml is loaded it will change what was entered as the album art location, wem location, and arrangement locations.
  13. I would help if you needed to talk about a few measures, but not half the song. Here are some guys who will transcribe entire songs: https://www.fiverr.com/gigs/tabs
  14. There is a "pickDirection" option in the songs, but it was never implemented. Maybe they thought it looked too messy. Or maybe they are future-proofing for the next game, so the songs already have the strum patterns ready to go.
  15. Thanks. I just updated to the 8-21-2019 EOF hotfix. Using If you remove the slide note on the D string you get this: <chordNote time="8.356" string="1" fret="7" sustain="0.205" slideTo="8" leftHand="1" /> <chordNote time="8.356" string="2" fret="10" sustain="0.377" leftHand="3" /> Instead of this: <chordNote time="8.356" string="1" fret="7" sustain="0.205" linkNext="1" slideTo="8" leftHand="1" /> <chordNote time="8.356" string="2" fret="10" sustain="0.205" linkNext="1" leftHand="3" /> The D string tech note slide seems unnecessary, but without it the linkNext isn't written properly. The notes will not connect ingame.
  16. If any passerbys can think of an official example of this exact handshape slide in-game, it would be nice if you could post the song name so I could compare this to ODLC.
  17. Here's the notes, tech note view, and in-game example Just get rid of the normal slide in EOF and go into tech view (F4 for tech view). Create a tech note on the A string and press ctrl+up to create a slide. Enter 8 for the slide end. Create a tech note on the D string and press ctrl+up to create a slide. Enter 10 for the slide end. Purple highlights are the handshape lanes. Optional, but it makes the chart look ODLC. You can create them by pressing ctrl+shift+h until it turns purple.
  18. Same here, but I might not be updated. I'll update and give an example in a bit. It's not an everytime thing, but sometimes I have to Ctrl+Shift+h twice to get a handshape instead of arpeggio. BTW I start from scratch without importing mids or tabs.
  19. I don't know if this helps, but if you open a nif in notepad++ it says: Gamebryo File Format Version also the word Maya and MayaNifGamebryoViewer is tossed around a lot.
  20. Slide arrows (seems to still use old colors): Some ! pics;
  21. Thanks, I've been playing around with this program. While dark grey is hard to see for most users, I like it and am going to have it as my colorblind option when playing 7-string songs. It looks like this: While not exact, these color values are closer to normal colors than the RESET button values: https://imgur.com/Z7N6ECO
  22. What color did you choose for the seventh string? Black seems cool, but I'm not sure if it will be difficult to see.
  23. Custom string colors sounds cool. Does it change the note colors too?
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